Monday 28 October 2013

OOTD - Chessington World of Adventures

Hey Everyone! 

Yesterday me and the family went to Chessington World of Adventures for a pre-halloween treat, it was really fun and I got some good pictures so thought I could do an outfit of the day/mini write up of what I got up to!

I am wearing:
Coat - New Look Inspire
Dress - George at Asda
Leggings - TU at Sainsburys
Boots - Primark
Bag - Marisota
Hat - Primark
Glasses - Armani

The land of the dragons is home to my favourite rollercoaster, Dragon's Fury. It's high, it's fast and gets the old adrenaline pumping.

In keeping with the halloween theme there were pumpkins all over the place as decorations.

I did some serious childhood reminiscing going past the Toadies Cars, that was my favourite ride when I was younger, ahhh memories!

We then went for go on the new Zufari ride, which is a safari experience allowing unique access to the animal enclosure. After hearing a lot about it in the news, that animal prints were banned as they were spooking the animals, I just had to try it out myself. Each ride can be completely different as the animals have free reign so you may or may not see them up close, but if you don't get to then odds are you will next time. 

Embedded image permalink

You board a big truck which seats 30 people (bit of a squish) and you are driven up dirt tracks and through muddy waters

This is a wonderful picture of two zebras trying to kill each other! 

It was really cool to be so near to the giraffes and rhinos, especially for taking photos. Even as a 23 year old I found the attraction entertaining, even the cave you go through which has a waterfall I (of course) got drenched in.

 The below picture was taken in Wild Asia next to the log flume which is always a classic attraction at any theme park. 

We then went on Vampire, a rollercoaster where you hang like a bat and Professor Burps Bubbleworks which is a fun water ride with illuminations and little character scenes.  

Hocus Pocus Hall offers a great spooky themed walk through experience (perfect for when it starts to rain too!!). 

There was also another Halloween walk through but when we went to visit it, it was closed off so we didn't get the chance to go in which was disappointing as I was really looking forward to it.

I would say I had a great day over all, and that's speaking as an adult, and I got home completely tired out from all the walking around.

Did you visit any theme park halloween events? Tell me about them below.

Thanks for reading!

Love Sally X


Saturday 26 October 2013

OOTD - Park Edition

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday I went for a little afternoon trip to Verulamium Park in St Albans which is one of my favourite places to go to just relax, sit on a bench and read a book. I took along my camera to get some autumn themed pictures and ended up with some impromptu outfit of the day shots I thought I would share, Enjoy!

Coat - New Look Inspire Link to similar!
Cardigan - Primark 
Skirt - Primark 
Tights - ASOS Curve Link!
Shoes - New Look Link!
Bag - Marisota Link!
Glasses - Armani

I love the delicate pearl detailing on the cardigan, it really adds to the classic/girly look I wanted and makes a cheap Primark cardigan look much higher end.

In this shot you can see my old ombred ends coming through again, I kind of like it.

I liked this shot because you can see the reflection of the trees in each of the quilted diamonds. I fell in love with this bag immediately when I saw it at the Marisota event, it just looks so luxurious and the design is very similar to this Dior bag don't you think?

I hope you enjoyed this post, I had a great time at the park and can't wait to get some more Autumn looks up for you guys.

Thanks for reading!

Love Sally X


Monday 14 October 2013

Halloween Tag

Hey Everyone!

I saw this Halloween tag over on Jess's blog, Beauty, Bits and Bobs by Jess Band couldn't resist taking part myself. I always love a tag! 

Do you still Trick or Treat?
Unfortunately not :( I'm getting too old now.

Do you like going to haunted attractions?
Yes! I really like haunted pubs and hotels and stately homes etc. For me I like to hear about the history and the story behind it, it just makes it feel real and exciting. I think this links in to my love for Most Haunted, the locations they use are awesome.

Favourite Halloween movie?
It's always been Hocus Pocus, that film is amazing even after the 100th view.

Favorite costume you wore as a child?
When I was young-ish I was the angel of death which I loved.

A costume you would like to dress up as if you could go back to your childhood?
I would dress up as a witch like in the Belfry Witches or The Worst Witch, I loved those shows growing up. 

Do you decorate your house for Halloween?
Not always my house but always my desk at work! I always raid Poundland and kit myself out with accessories.

What are your plans for this years Halloween?
None yet, I'm going to be spontaneous.

Do you ever dress up your pet (if you don't have a pet, what would you dress it up as if you did have one)?
Generally no, but i'm sure I have some pumpkin baby costumes we have put on the pugs before.....

What was the worst thing you were given when Trick or Treating?
Stale biscuits, bleurgh 

Favorite thing about Halloween?
Dressing up and wearing all black with grungey makeup being perfectly acceptable.

Thanks for reading my Halloween themed tag, I tag all of you to take part too and if you do then leave a link below so I can read it.

Love Sally X


Friday 11 October 2013

My Top 5 Plus Size Halloween T-Shirts


Made from 100% pure cotton jersey
Round neckline
Printed design to front
Short sleeves
Regular fit

Made from 100% pure cotton
Soft touch jersey fabric
Crew neckline
Contrast skeleton print to front
Regular fit

Inspire. With Halloween just around the corner, don't forget to play dress up with this classic 
grey Ghost Busters slogan tee. A subtle nod to the trend. 

Rounded neckline
Short sleeve style
Slim fit

Inspire. With Halloween just around the corner, don't forget to play dress up with this tongue in cheek 'Let's Hang' slogan tee. A subtle nod to the trend. 

Rounded neckline
Short sleeve style
Bat doodle motif

Inspire. With Halloween just around the corner, don't forget to play dress up with this monochrome 'Treat or Treat' slogan tee. A subtle nod to the trend. 

Rounded neckline
Sleeveless style
Glow in the dark slogan


Thursday 10 October 2013

Autumn and Winter Fashion featuring Curvissa

Hey Everyone!

So autumn is officially here, cue conkers, parka coats, snoods and those famous sheepskin boots on every woman in sight. (They are bloody comfy). For me autumn/winter is the best time of the year, the cooler temperatures mean that the fashion is so much more accessible without feeling all hot and bothered and therefore uncomfortable! 

I was recently contacted by Curvissa who are launching their autumn range with a fab advert and some lovely standout pieces which I'm pleased to be sharing with you guys. In case you haven't heard of them (you most likely have) Curvissa are a fashion brand carrying sizes 14-32 and they are specifically catering to girls like myself who fall outside of the likes of Topshop sizing where if you're over a size 16 and can't find anything stretchy you're screwed! 

Now for a quick glimpse of some cute styles within the collection to drool over!

Here are my personal top picks that are most definitely going on my wishlist.

First we have a gorgeous camel trench coat which is the closest I'll ever get to Emma Watson's staple Burberry one that I unashamedly lust over every time I see it in a magazine. I particularly like the black piping detail which I think gives it a very premium look and I'd wear this over tights, jeans or leggings so perfect for everyday wear.

Next up is a chunky knitted jumper which you can get in blue or sand. For me this would be perfect with jeans/jeggings  for a classy yet casual weekend look.

And finally this little beauty that is currently on sale and is only £30! I am in love with this 50's inspired retro number which I would pair with red lippy (Mac Russian Red?) and victory rolls.

*If you're a new customer you get 20% off your first order with free delivery and everything is really reasonable for high quality clothes that will carry you through the seasons.*

I was really pleased to hear that two well know plus size bloggers were involved in the shooting of the advert being Betty from Pamper and Curves and Rosie from A Rose Like This, both of which I read regularly. The plus size community is such a great place to be a part of and for those ladies to be a part of the campaign, for me at least, it speaks volumes. Here are a couple of quotes from each of the ladies:


Have you been to a TV shoot before?
I have as in my former life I was a video director. I never directed fashion shoots though so it was really interesting to watch the process.

Was the shoot what you expected?

In some ways yes although I hadn't realised just how many times you would be filming each model in certain poses to create the look for the promo. Its always amazing how much you have to film for one short snappy advert.

shoots Behind the Scenes of the Curvissa AW13 TV Advert


Which was your favourite outfit and why?
It's so hard to choose just ONE! But I loved the black and white three quarter sleeved dress (Sorry I don't know the name of it!) I think it was worn by Laura the model and she looked fabulous in it!

What was your favourite part of the day?

This had to be meeting some of the lovely Curvissa team and the models. Seeing what went into the advert and meeting the adorable Jack Russell Dash! Oh and not forgetting the chance to spend a few hours with one of my favourite bloggers Betty Pamper! So really the WHOLE day was my favourite part!

dashthedog Behind the Scenes of the Curvissa AW13 TV Advert

(I found a picture of this Dash character and look at his little face!! So cute!)

Curvissa are also running a competition where you can win £150 of clothing vouchers to spend on updating your wardrobe. Sound good? Click here to be in it to win it!

I hope you have enjoyed this post which is brought in collaboration with Curvissa and please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading. Love Sally x

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