Tuesday 30 June 2015


Hi Everyone!

Today I wanted to bring to your attention a campaign that really stood out to me as something positive for the plus size community, with a great message and I want to publicly show my support and do what I can to promote it. It is of course, #Stylehasnosize.

Style Has No Size is the slogan for this summer, celebrating body confidence and making a bold statement that style is not about the size you wear, it's about how you style your size. This is something I literally could not agree more with. I'd like to think that my whole blog is based on a similar premise, to show that being plus size doesn't in anyway hinder your ability to be a stylish and all round awesome person.

There are various bloggers and models supporting the campaign including two of my absolute role models, Nadia Abholuson and Gabi Gregg from Gabifresh who I really admire for their accomplishments so far in their careers and contributions to the plus size industry.

So what can you do to support this campaign? Evans are selling the #stylehasnosize tshirts and bag on their website and to raise awareness you can tweet or instagram pictures of you wearing them with the hashtag to spread the message. All profits from both items go to the Rainbow Trust Children's Charity which support families with a serious ill child which is an amazing cause.

Here I am in my tshirt.


 I notice that some people have added their own quotes so here is mine:

The day I stumbled upon the plus size blogging community is a day that my life really changed dramatically. I remember just feeling so overwhelmed and almost validated in a way, that these women that look just like me are wearing all these fashionable, beautiful clothes and they are KILLING it, so maybe I could too! It opened my eyes to whole new perspective and I feel like they have remained open since. Nowadays I look at myself completely differently and don't focus on how much better I would look thinner, hating the way I am and wanting to change. I am more of a "this is what I've got", what awesome stuff can I wear to build upon that and not to in any way hide or change it. 

When it comes to clothes, as a plus size person I feel like I have choices available to me now that I just didn't 5 years ago. Notable collections for me, coincidentally most of my favourites are by Evans who I would deem as a true pioneer in plus size fashion with collections like Beth Ditto for Evans, Cut for Evans which is my favourite lookbook I've ever posted and The Design Collective which I did a whole post on here and will be doing outfit posts around shortly. I've also seen the images for the upcoming Cut For Evans collection and let's just say that I am excited and literally counting down the launch day and plan to do a lookbook or outfit posts around that too. 

I hope you all liked this post, the campaign really is something that I think is important and that some people might need to see in order change their mindset like I did. I'd love to hear about your journeys to body acceptance and what triggered that or alternatively you might always have been body confident in which case I'd still love to hear about that too and tips you might have for other ladies. 

Thanks for reading this one.

Love Sally X

Monday 29 June 2015

The Daring Diver

Hey Everyone!

Today I am going to be sharing my thoughts on a new beer called the Daring Diver* released exclusively to Morrisons by Badger Ales. The name celebrates a mischievous mallard in the River Stour which I thought was quite funny.

I was kindly provided with two samples to try out and I am going to give you all the low down on what I thought. 

First of all, and this is the beauty blogger in me talking, the packaging is quite cute. I like the badger logo and the illustration of the aforementioned mischevious mallard after which the beer is named. 

The drink is an amber beer at 4.7% abv for a 500ml bottle brewed with Slovenian Celeia hops, which they say lends a rich and pronounced citrus hop character to the beer complementing a moreish biscuit malt base. 

After I had a sip test, I could definitely taste a light hint of lemon citrus which gave it a nice sharpness when mixed with what I would describe as a toffee/caramel biscuitty like taste which was sweet and all round very pleasant. I enjoyed drinking it and would definitely have it again. I can imagine it being quite nice to sip chilled on a sunny afternoon which reading a book in the garden with food off the BBQ.

If you would like to try out the Daring Diver for yourself, head over to your local Morrisons where it is exclusively sold. There are also other beers under the Badger Ales brand so worth checking out the different varieties.

Thanks for reading and leave me a comment below with any other drink reviews you would like to see!

Love Sally X

Sunday 28 June 2015

Old Mother Hubbard Baking Co

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all having an amazing weekend.

Today I am going to share a review on behalf of my little friends of an all natural, wheat free dog snack brand called Old Mother Hubbard which has recently launched in the UK at Pets At Home. 

The company have a great back story which dates back to over 80 years ago when their classic recipe was originally a snack for fisherman while at sea. One day a sailor threw a biscuit to his dog who happily gobbled it up and that was the start of Old Mother Hubbard!

We were kindly sent two varieties to try out and review, the Chick'n'Apples *and the Liv'r'Crunch* oven-baked dog biscuits. I was really drawn to the wheat free and natural aspects so couldn't wait to see how they went down.

We were also sent a little surprise in the form of this adorable treat jar personalised for Miley which I was really touched by, it was such a sweet and thoughtful gesture and I was really surprised.

As you can see, two volunteers very quickly put themselves forwards for the taste tests. 

I fed both Sadie and Lexi a couple of each by hand and they seemed to really like them and kept pestering me for more! The feeding guidelines advise that the biscuits are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding so I've been giving them out treats between the four of them. They have come to recognise the packets so they know when to come running over which is so funny to watch when they are all together and running round in a pack!

Old Mother Hubbard also do other lines within their range such as the Mothers Solutions which have biscuits for fresh breath, low fat and hips&joints. I'm really keen to try the fresh breath as I find it really difficult to find minty snacks that my dogs actually like, I'll report back on what they're like once we give them a go.

I would definitely recommend Old Mother Hubbard from my experience I've had, if you would like to check them out you can do so online at http://www.omhpet.co.uk/ and their products are exclusively available at Pets At Home so you can also pop in store or order online.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if there are any particular pet product reviews you would like to see in the future by leaving me a comment below.

Thanks for reading.

Love Sally X


Thursday 25 June 2015

Summer Festivals - Footwear

Hey Everyone!

Today is going to be a round up of my favourite festival footwear, I hope it gives you some ideas!

These are perfect for ladies with thicker calves as they stop at the slimmest part of the leg, the ankle. They come in a range of colours so you can match your outfits.

I've included three sandal options, these are great for giving your feet a rest and walking around comfortably.

Peacocks Floral Wellies

I really like the romantic floral print, I have so many dresses that would go perfectly with these!

I absolutely love the fruit print on these and the handle design is absolute genius for carrying them around with. 

The colours and prints on these boots are fabulously bright and vibrant. The neoprene top part has a wide opening making them easy to slip on and off and comfy to wear.

Le Chameau Cabourg Folding Boots

I had to include these boots, the folding design is really useful and unique and means you can pack these so easily in your holdall.

Helly Hansen W Midsund

I like the design of these, it's very classic and the colours below are giving me a bit of a seventies vibe (just me?).

 Helly Hansen W Veierland

SoleM8 Funky Fish

I love the fishies and raindrops prints, they give the boots a nice kitschy retro feel.

The design of these is such a bit of me, I'm a huge fan of fairisle jumpers and the knitted style prints on these wellies.

I hope you liked my choices, let me know your favourite in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.

Love Sally X

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Summer Festivals - Fill & Go and Squash'd

Hey Guys!

Happy Tuesday and I hope you all had a great weekend!

Today I am going to be talking a little about a gadget called the Fill & Go which is perfect for taking along to your summer festival but also doubles up for use in your everyday routine. We will also be looking at Robinsons Squash'd which perfectly compliments the Fill & Go and turns your water into a squash drink.

The Fill & Go is a water filter bottle made by Brita and is perfect for on the go use at places like festivals or for example when I went to Rome there are lots of public drinking fountains that a bottle like this would have been ideal for, so could be great as a travel essential.

The bottle is easy to set up for use, you need to soak one of the filter discs in water for 1 minute and then press it gently into the blue holder and after that you are good to go. You can choose to keep in the straw or have it without and the bottle is dishwasher safe when it comes to cleaning or alternatively you can wash it out by hand. 

You can buy the bottles from either www.brita.co.uk or Tesco stores/online.

Next are the Squash'd bottles, available in Apple & Blackcurrant, Citrus, Summer Fruits, Pear & Blueberry, Tropical and Orange & Peach at Asda and Tesco stores. Both are on special offer *at the time of publishing this post* and under £2 each!

These would work fantastically with the Brita bottles above as each little bottle contains enough concentrate for 20 drinks and you need only one squeeze to turn your water into a tasty Robinsons drink. This would save space in your holdall and you can take a couple with you to mix it up with the different flavour choices.

I hope you found this post useful, both products are very practical and usable so I thought were a great idea for the festival series.

Thanks for reading.

Love Sally X

Sunday 21 June 2015

Summer Festivals - Survival Guide

Hey Everyone!

Today I am going to be doing my survival guide/tips on making sure you have the best possible time at summer festivals this year while being safe. I'm not trying to scare anyone from going, I just think it's important to be real about what COULD happen to make sure where possible it doesn't.

I saw the below infographic by Pryers Solictors on this blog post by Six out of Ten Mag which perfectly breaks down the main hazards and I will talk a little bit about each one you need to be aware of.

1. Falling Objects

There are risks of things such as scaffolding or electrical equipment falling near the stage so while it's great to be at the front from a viewing perspective, make sure you keep your wits about you and I personally would stay clear of the "mosh pit" where people often do a lot of pushing and shoving which is potentially how things get knocked over.

2. Projectile Injuries

These are difficult to steer clear of because they are unexpected and not something you really have any control over. This is one of my absolute pet hates at festivals, when you get a bunch of idiots that start throwing around things like bottles, it's such an inconsiderate thing to do and could really end up hurting someone. Most festivals seem to have banned glass bottles this year which is really positive but still, if you see anyone near you throwing anything move away if you can and alert a steward nearby.

3. Crushed in Crowds

This is something really difficult to avoid as being in a crowd is inevitable but try not to be in one alone. Go with a group of friends and make sure you are all looking out for each other and that noone gets seperated or trips over and gets trampled. Also if you are at the front be aware that you run the risk of being forced forward into the stage/barriers as the crowd will naturally move forward towards the entertainment with everyone desperate for a better view. You can really get hurt with things like bruised ribs, I would never go at the front for this reason as personally I don't think the view is worth the risk.

4. Moshing Injuries

Similar to the projectile injuries this is another thing that is unexpected and purely a result of other people behaving badly. If people start dancing erratically or acting violently you need to remove yourself from the situation, move away and make a steward aware. People that do this kind of thing are selfish and ruin other people's festival experience so if festival staff are on the ball they will want to stamp this out as quickly as possible.
5. Drunk Drivers

I cannot even begin to stress how dangerous it is to drive after drinking alcohol and I think doing it is literally intolerable and is putting other people's lives at risk. If you see or know of someone drunk at a festival that is about to drive you need to alert festival staff immediately. Also keep in mind that even if someone is not acting visibly drunk they may still be over the limit even hours after drinking especially if they have been up late partying so be very alert driving around the area where the festival site is. 

If you are in a group of friends, try and make an agreement that on the last night the person that will be driving you all home stays under the limit or sober, it's simply not worth the risk. If you want to drink freely then consider travelling via public transport where you will not be in control of a moving vehicle and wont put other road users in danger. 

5. Slips, Trips and Falls

Be alert for things like wires, uneven ground and rubbish you can trip over and if it rains make sure your footwear has adequate grip so you don't lose your footing. 

6. Bodily Harm Assaults

If you witness or experience this you need to alert festival staff immediately and also the police so it can properly logged and a statement taken. It's completely unacceptable for people to behave violently and it is against the law to assault someone so needs to be taken really seriously. 

7. Crowd Surfing Injuries

First of all, if you are thinking about doing this, don't. It's as simple as that, why put yourself and other people at risk by doing it when it's completely unnecessary. It's illegal in some countries and a lot of festivals ban it and will remove you from the premises for doing it. I don't really need to point out the dangers but if someone crowd surfs you risk being kicked or hurt whether on purpose or accidentally and if you are crowd surfing yourself you could have clothing ripped or damaged, belongings stolen and of course potentially fall and injure yourself and others. 

I would say those 7 are the main things to be aware of, it's sad really because if you were to weigh up the risks and dangers it barely seems worth going. You might as well watch the performers from the comfort of your home on TV and get a better view and save some money while you're at it. Saying that the festival atmosphere has a real energy and buzz that you just can't get anywhere else, where everyone is just there to enjoy themselves and the music. It can be a really amazing time, feeling like you are a part of something really awesome and connecting with your favourite artists and fellow fans.

I have definitely cut down on the number of festivals I attend nowadays and try and look out for one day festivals closer to home so I can get enough of the experience without going overboard. As I get older I can see myself stopping going altogether, it's already true that I don't enjoy them as much as I did 5 years ago and my tastes have change in terms of music and partying.

Are you planning to go to any festivals this year? Let me know below and also any tips you have for staying safe and enjoying yourself.

Thanks for reading.

Love Sally X

Friday 19 June 2015

Into The Blue Father's Day Competition

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to post a quick heads up for a Father’s Day competition running over on the Into the Blue website where you have a chance to win one of 10 superhero competition prizes shown below.

To enter, the rules are simple, when making a purchase of an experience package as a Father’s Day gift between now and the 21st June 2015 you simply need to enter a message into the personalisation box to be in with a chance to win. You can read the full details on this link.

This is a great opportunity to win some really cool prizes so make sure you head on over to http://www.intotheblue.co.uk/  to have a browse of the different gift ideas and remember to enter that all important message when personalising. They are tonnes of different choices such as flying lessons, bungee jumps, clay shooting, off road adventures and more so hopefully might help you out with some last minute present ideas too!

Good luck everyone!

Love Sally x

My Chemist Direct Haul

Hey Everyone! 

Happy Friday, the weekend is almost here and I for one am far too excited by this!

A little while a go I was challenged by Chemist Direct to see what I can choose for a budget of £50 they kindly provided and today I am going to be showing you not only what I chose (basically lot's of goodies for Miley) but what I would have chosen had I have shopped for myself!

First I chose the Hollings Pigs Ears*, now these were the biggest and most expensive item but the saving was huge (£62 down to £41.99) and you do get 50 of them. All of my dogs like them as a treat and they take far too much delight in annihilating them.

Next are the Bakers Complete Puppy/Junior, for just £4.00 per bag (47% off) I thought they were fantastic value for money as I get these all the time from the supermarkets for around the £7-£8 mark.

Lastly I chose the Pedigree Schmackos Chicken Sticks for £1.90 to give to my little buddies as treats. 

As you can see below Lexi came and took one straight out my hand to munch on and seemed to really like them so a bargain for less than 10p per stick!

Now, let's look at what I would have got had I have shopped for myself.

Item links:

Overall my impression of Chemist Direct is really good, the shipping was fast, site easy to navigate, great savings/deals and also a wide range of products. I like there is a mix of what I what deem higher end beauty like Vichy alongside brands like Aveeno, Vaseline, Simple and Clearasil etc.

If you would like to check out the full range of deals you can do so on www.chemistdirect.co.uk

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the dog pics, I always get comments on how cute they are and I love featuring them on here.

Love Sally X

Thursday 18 June 2015

Summer Festivals - Fat Buddha

Hey Everyone,

I've had a crazy few days so apologies for the little gap in blogging, I've been getting so good at posting more regularly as well! But anyway, I'm back with another post in my Summer Festivals series. Today we are going to be looking at camping equipment to take to festivals from the Fat Buddha Store and I have composed a wishlist to share with you guys.

First up is a foldable chair so you can sit outside your tent, have a drink in each holder and soak in the sunshine.


Next is a portable and foldable BBQ must have, a grill that's perfect to throw some sausages, chicken fillets and steaks on to share with your mates.

Then we have this funky 100% pure virgin wool blanket that comes in a carrier with straps and a handle for ultimate portability and you can you sling it over your shoulder to take from gig to gig.

Lastly we have a tin mug that's perfect for your tea or coffee or soup, it's durable and lightweight and you don't run the risk of smashing it when lugging it around in a backpack (speaking from first hand experience)


I hope you found this roundup helpful. If you want to check out other products that Fat Buddha have to offer in their range you can do so on this link to their online store.

Thanks for reading and the next festival post will be tomorrow!

Love Sally X
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