Friday 19 June 2015

My Chemist Direct Haul

Hey Everyone! 

Happy Friday, the weekend is almost here and I for one am far too excited by this!

A little while a go I was challenged by Chemist Direct to see what I can choose for a budget of £50 they kindly provided and today I am going to be showing you not only what I chose (basically lot's of goodies for Miley) but what I would have chosen had I have shopped for myself!

First I chose the Hollings Pigs Ears*, now these were the biggest and most expensive item but the saving was huge (£62 down to £41.99) and you do get 50 of them. All of my dogs like them as a treat and they take far too much delight in annihilating them.

Next are the Bakers Complete Puppy/Junior, for just £4.00 per bag (47% off) I thought they were fantastic value for money as I get these all the time from the supermarkets for around the £7-£8 mark.

Lastly I chose the Pedigree Schmackos Chicken Sticks for £1.90 to give to my little buddies as treats. 

As you can see below Lexi came and took one straight out my hand to munch on and seemed to really like them so a bargain for less than 10p per stick!

Now, let's look at what I would have got had I have shopped for myself.

Item links:

Overall my impression of Chemist Direct is really good, the shipping was fast, site easy to navigate, great savings/deals and also a wide range of products. I like there is a mix of what I what deem higher end beauty like Vichy alongside brands like Aveeno, Vaseline, Simple and Clearasil etc.

If you would like to check out the full range of deals you can do so on

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the dog pics, I always get comments on how cute they are and I love featuring them on here.

Love Sally X

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  1. Adorable pics, i love these sorts of posts!


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