Tuesday 29 September 2015

Khadi Volume and Gloss Shampoo

Hey Everyone!

October is almost upon us and I hope you have all been enjoying Organic September over the past few weeks and taking part where you can.

Today is a different theme to food and skincare which we have covered so far, this will be looking at haircare and specifically shampoo as it is very much a staple product that we all use so I thought it would be a great example of a switch you can make to organic which will have a great effect in the long run.

The brand I am going to be introducing are Khadi who are a natural haircare brand with a new range of nourishing shampoos. 

You may ask what makes the Khadi shampoos so unique? They contain a blend of sweet almond oil and wheat proteins, which help to repair damaged hair and promote growth. Hair is made up mostly of proteins and it is the proteins in wheat that repair damaged hair follicles by lifting the hair, whilst reducing small holes in the lengths of hair shafts and fortifying hair cells. Wheat proteins also retain moisture, giving hair added fullness, body and bounce.

Containing pure Ayurvedic herbal infusions that have been prepared and blended by Ayurvedic experts in India, each of the five fabulous shampoos in the range help overcome specific hair related problems, such as dry tresses, oily scalp, dull looking locks and limp hair. Ayurveda is an ancient system of natural healing that has been practiced in India for millennia and promotes a holistic view of beauty and wellness, which is key to the khadi brand: the aim to promote a beauty routine that incorporates the healing powers of herbs, oils and plants to achieve a more beautiful body.

All Khadi products are cruelty free, organic, vegan, BDIH[1] certified and free from peroxide, ammonia, preservatives, synthetic or artificial colours or dyes. As an ethical brand, Khadi also follows fair trade guidelines ensures that any herbs used in the formulations are collected in a sustainable and traditional way by local inhabitants.

Now on to my review, I tried out the Volume & Gloss shampoo* and this is what I thought!

First of all, the packaging is nice and luxurious with a gorgeous deep red colour and gold accents which links in with the India theme. 

You get a large 210ml bottle for a retail price of £11.90 which is pretty good compared with other premium brand price points. I chose to try out the volume and shine shampoo as it is designed to prevent hair breakage which can be a problem when you have long hair like me and it also provides more volume for my naturally straight locks.

I have been using the shampoo every other day for a few weeks now and compared to my normal store brand shampoo I have noticed a difference. In the picture above I haven't used any hair styling products and had just washed my hair that morning. When I'm washing my hair I'm noticing that there are less hairs shedding (and clogging up the bath) especially after the second week and my hair looks thicker and healthier.

 You may or may not know that I colour my hair, it's not far from my natural colour but I feel like it adds an extra bit of dimension, however this can be quite drying and does need regular conditioning. As a result of this I do try to stay away from the deep cleansing shampoos or ones with too many colour stripping ingredients, I can happily report that the Khadi one hasn't washed out or dulled my hair colour in anyway which is fab and I would say that it's nice and gentle on the scalp. 

You can probably tell that I'm quite a big fan of this shampoo, I do feel you can see the results but let me know what you think in the comments below!

If you would like to check out the Khadi range you can do so on www.khadihair.co.uk where they also have a selection of hair oils I'm keen to give a go.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll be back soon!

Love Sally X

Sunday 27 September 2015

My Top 3 Amy's Kitchen Organic Soups

Hi Everyone!

Today I wanted to share a round up of my top 3 favourite organic soups that I've tried from Amy's Kitchen for my focus on Organic September this month. Amy's Kitchen are a family business started back in 1987 and Amy has a real passion for organic food and holistic healthcare so the brand were just perfect to feature.

First up we have the cream of mushroom soup* that can be had as a soup, as part of a risotto dish or also used as an ingredient in a wider meal.

The ingredients are organic and include mushrooms (duh!), onions, arborio rice, leeks, celery and organic cream/butter which gives the nice creamy sweet taste but is still low fat.

Next is the french country vegetable soup* which is completely different to the last one, this is much more "hearty" and is really quite filling for a soup. 

The ingredients are things such as tomatoes, onions, courgettes, mushrooms, red sweet peppers, garlic, organic white beans and long grain red rice so all of that packed in a soup is going to be great as a lunch option and it's easy to heat up in the office microwave, 2 minutes then stir then pop back in for a further 2 minutes until it's ready. 

Last but not least, these are in no real order, we have the chunky tomato soup*. Tomato soup for me will always be a bit of a classic, it's something so readily available and there are so many different versions. For me this was one of the best I've tried.

The soup has tomato puree and also diced tomatoes which give the chunky texture which I like alot. The taste is really nice and the flavour is something you can only really achieve with quality ingredients and does stand apart from regular options as a more luxury type product. This soup is also low fat which is fantastic news for me.

I've had Amy's Kitchen products before so the great flavours and taste came as no surprise and the soups definitely are a great option to reach for especially at lunch. Outside of the soup range they have various ready meals I'd recommend, try out the mac & cheese if you want your mind to be blown (in a good way). You can check out all of the different lines on http://amyskitchen.co.uk/ which will also have a link to their store locator. 

I hope you liked this post, I have a few more Organic September posts before the month closes out so keep an eye out for those and I have been working on my Youtube channel so should be having some videos up soon! Leave any video suggestions in the comments below and I can get to work on them.

Thanks for reading!

Love Sally X

Thursday 24 September 2015

Skin Revivals Organic Facial Cleansing Oil

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all well.

Today is the latest post in my Organic September series and it is going to be a skincare theme this time. I wanted to mix up the different product types to highlight that organic alternatives are available for so many of our everyday staples and what could be more of a staple than a cleansing oil?!

This product promises to be a gentle, effective and natural cleanser with ingredients like Rosehip & Avocado. Its lightly fragrant, vitamin rich blend of organic vegetable oils naturally breaks down make-up, dissolves all impurities and visibly refreshes leaving you with clear, glowing skin. 

Enriched with organic oils to help cleanse, maintain moisture balance and leave skin soft, comfortable and deeply cleansed. It is designed to remove even the most stubborn make-up including eye-make-up and is Soil Association Certified (99% organic).

I have incorporated the cleanser as part of my skincare routine for the past couple of weeks and I've been enjoying using it. I use it in two different ways depending on how much time I have, if I'm in a rush I squirt the oil onto a cotton pad and give my face a once over but if I have longer then I massage in the oil and take off the makeup with a warm, wet muslin cloth. I like that the product is nice and gentle and doesn't leave me with any redness after using as I do have quite sensitive skin. 

In terms of results, they are much more impressive than my usual makeup wipes which I generally reach for out of convenience and I have done multiple clean pad tests after fully taking my makeup off and they come back clean so they are great for removing any makeup residue and waterproof mascara.

The price point is pretty reasonable, £12 for 100ml* and the bottle does go quite far as you don't need lot's of oil each time. There are other products in the range such as creams, balms and gels which you can check out on the website http://www.beautynaturals.com/.

I hope this review gives you some inspiration for the beauty/skincare section of Organic September, again where the product works and is a great solution it makes the idea of switching to organic so easy and seamless.

If you are taking part in Organic September I'd love to hear about what you've tried so far in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

Love Sally X


Friday 18 September 2015

Drinking From A Tree?

Hey Everyone!

Today I have something very different for you in my Organic September series and it is TreeVitalise Birch Water. You will be amazed when I tell you the process behind this product and a hint to that is in the name but you will have to keep reading to learn the full story.

The Process 

The organic birch water comes from the Carpathian Mountains in Eastern Europe and the mixed forests are what creates their special taste.

In the first weeks of spring thaw, when the snow begins to melt, the roots of the birch tree absorb and take in the newly created water. Enriched with this liquid are all the nutrients stored in the roots over winter that are drawn up to the trunk and branches and what is left is a water that is filtered by the tree and packed with vitality and it wakes the tree from winter season and brings it into life again. 

This happens just a couple of weeks a year and when it occurs the tree is tapped and a small share taken to create these drinks. The birch is completely unharmed and has plenty of revitalising water left for its own use.

The sap is preserved through gentle pasterisation which keeps its original form but is also available infused with organic mint or lemon. What you are left with is an undiluted, organic, 100% natural and unsweetened drink.

The Benefits

Birch sap is known to stimulate the body's purifying and cleansing systems as in its raw form the sap contains vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, trace minerals such as manganese and also micronutrients which help strengthen your immune system, lower cholesterol and assist in weight loss. 

I was lucky enough to try out all three flavours of the TreeVitalise birch water, being the original*, mint* and lemon*. 

Here is what I thought!

It's difficult to explain the taste of these drinks, I would say that the birch water is sweet but naturally sweet, it doesn't have that harsh bite that artificial ones have. It's a very pleasant and refreshing drink overall, I loved the mint in particular which I found to be very soothing on my throat. All three were very hydrating and made me feel energised on a dull afternoon in the office which has to be a plus. 

For me, the biggest plus is the concept/process behind the product, I just find it fascinating how these drinks have been made and that added to a nice taste is a winner in my book. 

What do you guys think about this product? It's so different and I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! If you want to read up more on TreeVitalise you can do so on their website: http://www.treevitalise.com/ which is also where you can click to find the online/retail stockist information.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are enjoying Organic September.

Love Sally X


Wednesday 16 September 2015

Lizi's Breakfast Granola

Hi Everyone!

Today is the next instalment in my healthy eating series and we are going to look at yummy breakfast options from Lizi's.

Lizi's is a company created by Dr Mick Shaw and his wife Lizi, both of whom are true foodies and have a background in both organic farming and science. The company was set up in 2003 with an aim to promote well being induced by good food without creating the artificial blood sugar fluctuations often produced by convenience foods. Sounds good to me!

I was lucky enough to have the chance to try some of their range out and I'm going to be sharing my thoughts below so keep reading to find out!

First let's talk about the popular Lizi's low sugar granola*. 

What is sold today is a modified recipe of the original toasted muesli mix created by Lizi and loved by guests in their B&B cottage in Oxfordshire.

 It is high in fibre which will keep you fuller for longer and made from oats, nuts and seeds backed with the minimum amount of added sugar. In total the sugar content (natural and added) is less than 4% so perfect for anyone looking for a low sugar alternative to regular cereals. The granola is suitable for vegetarians and vegans as it doesn't contain dairy and goes just as great with milk alternatives such as almond milk and soya milk.

My thoughts on this product are that firstly, it's not overly sweet, which I like. The taste is a lot more subtle and natural with the added nuttiness from the cashew, almond, hazelnut and walnut pieces. I had this with the milk from my previous review post and it was yummy, but I have also paired it up with natural fat free yogurt and added in some fruit which I think has to be the absolute winning combo for me.

Pricewise you are looking at £3.75 for a 500g bag which is pretty good in my opinion and the resealable bag is great to have on my desk at work to grab in the morning.

Next let's talk about the On The Go products, these are absolute genius. You don't need milk or a bowl and the little packs come with a spoon so really are perfect when you are literally on the go. The packet turns into a cup and as you can see from the picture the spoon is hidden in the base, all you do is add water and mix it up and it's all lovely and creamy. I can imagine having these on a long train journey and plan to take a couple on my trip to Liverpool in a few weeks time.

The flavours I tried were the treacle & pecan*, bursting with yummy seeds and nuts and the belgian chocolate* which was my favourite of the two because I loved the mix of tastes and textures. They also do original in the On The Go format for reference and the packs are sold in batches of 10 for £10 so £1 per pack which is great value.

Lastly let's talk about the pink apple and cinnamon granola*, the pack pictured in the header is a single use serving and contains the usual oats and nuts with the addition of concentrated apple juice, air dried apple flakes and cinnamon. 

The flavour is incredible and I love the combination of the apple and cinammon, which also happens to be one of my favourite candle scents. The picture above is exactly how it looks dry and as with the other varieties you can pair it up with yogurt or milk for a creamy and tasty breakfast that is a change from anything you've tried before.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lizi's granola and I think you'll all love it. If you want to check out their range you can do so on http://www.lizis.co.uk/ which has an online shopping option, I've also seen Waitrose stock them so that is also an option.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post and you will see more in the series soon!

Love Sally X

Monday 14 September 2015

Nell's Dairy Organic Guernsey Milk

Hey Guys,

I hope you're all good and had nice weekends.

It’s Monday, you’re seeking your morning caffeine fix and what do you reach in the fridge for? Milk! It’s a staple in a lot of diets including my own, even on Slimming World because of the calcium content, and therefore seemed like a good choice to cover in my Organic September series which is encouraging people to give a try switching out their everyday products for organic versions.

Today’s feature will be looking at Nell’s Dairy organic Guernsey milk. 

At Eyford Hill Farm near Stow-on-the-Wold their small Guernsey herd grazes on organic clover leys in the Summer, and in the Winter on hay and silage cut from their fields. Nell’s milk’s wonderful golden colour comes from the beta-carotene in this diet and the milk is high in important Omega 3 and Beta Casein A2 content, the latter is important as it makes the milk more easily ingested, even by those normally lactose intolerant.

Me and my family have been trying out the milk for the past week and it has received rave reviews, one sister even stating "It's nicer than the gold top milk in Tesco's". Tastewise, it's incomparable to anything I've had before, it's deliciously creamy and tastes incredible ice cold over cereal or even just in a glass for a drink with a meal. 

Pricewise you are looking at £2 for a 2 litre bottle, available in quantities of 2, 4 and 7 litre bundles which I think is perfectly reasonable. There are also the reusable bottles pictured above which you can purchase and these are fantastic to use at their milk vending stations, location of which can be found here. Any mail orders get delivered in 1 litre bottles in insulated cardboard with an ice pack to keep the milk safe and cool, mine arrived perfectly and I popped them straight in the fridge. If you would like to make an order head over to their website http://nellsdairy.co.uk/.

I hope this post gets across again how switching to organic can have such great effects, both for taste of the actual product and knowing that the making process is Soil Association approved. For me, this would be an incredibly easy switch to make to organic.

Let me know what you think below, have you tried organic milk and did you prefer it? Also what have you all tried so far for Organic September? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading

Love Sally X

Sunday 13 September 2015

Green & Black's Thin Organic Chocolate

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re all having a stellar weekend.

Today I am going to be covering a brand that was an obvious choice for me for Organic September, Green & Black’s.  I have had years of experience of their products, particularly of their milk chocolate variety, and as the pioneer of organic chocolate they just had to be featured.

So, a bit of background. Twenty three years ago Green & Black’s launched the world’s first organic chocolate bar, a high quality, dark, bittersweet chocolate bar packed with 70% cocoa solids. The company was created by a husband and wife team, Craig Sams and Jo Fairley, and Green & Black’s was born in their Portobello Road flat back in 1991. Maya Gold’s addition to the portfolio in 1994 earned the brand the UK’s first Fairtrade mark for a chocolate product which really shows how the brand have continued to lead developments within the organic chocolate market. They now have 19 varieties in their portfolio and continue to be committed to creating great tasting, innovative and ethically sourced chocolate.

 Great news for us chocoholics!

Today I want to share their latest new product which is the Thin bar range. Each bar is made from the best organic Trinitario cocoa beans and Fairtrade ingredients with four delicious flavours, three of which I will covering in my review today. The thin format gives a great snap as you break off a piece and means easier portion control for eating plans like Slimming World which I am on at the moment.

The Thin flavours that have been released are milk, dark, salted caramel and mint crisp, the first two being versions of the classic range and the last two being completely new flavours! I was lucky enough to get my mitts on the milk, salted caramel and dark and here are my thoughts on each.

First up is the milk 37% chocolate* which is made up from organic milk from the foothills of the German alps and cocoa beans bought for a fair price from the Dominican Republic who use organic farming techniques. 

The taste is deliciously sweet from the milk elements with the rich flavour of the cocoa blending together for the most amazing taste. I've been "testing" this variety for a few years now in the normal bar form and for me it is an incredibly easy switch from standard milk chocolate bars purely because this one tastes so good!

Next up is the salted caramel* which contains golden crunchy caramel pieces with flakes of Anglesey sea salt enveloped in milk chocolate. 

This bar has a great texture with plenty of crunch and chewiness and the caramel goes so well with the milk chocolate. Truly scrummy! 

Lastly we have the dark 70% chocolate* which is made up of organic unrefined sugars and cocoa beans. 

The flavour of this chocolate is multi faceted, you can taste hints of nut, vanilla, sour cherry and roasted coffee coming through. It really does turn on it's head any thought of dark chocolate being the boring alternative to milk, it tastes fantastic in it's own right and completely different to the other two varieties.

On top of this there is also the mint crisp which is made from creamy milk chocolate with crispy pieces lightly infused with refreshing peppermint.

This brings us to the end of my review, I thoroughly enjoyed testing the flavours, in fact "enjoyed" is an understatement! 

If you want to check out the new range, keep an eye out in your local supermarkets and you can read more about any of the products on http://www.greenandblacks.co.uk/ .

Tell me your favourite chocolate in the comments below, are you a milk lover or a caramel craver?

Thanks for reading!

Love Sally X

Saturday 12 September 2015

Rachel's Organic

Hey Everyone!

Today we are going to be talking about Rachel's Organic as part of my focus on the Organic September campaign which is all about encouraging people to try out organic products and potentially switch out some of their everyday choices for the organic versions in the long term.

To give a bit of background on the company, Rachel's is based in Aberystwyth in West Wales and is Britain's first organic dairy and pioneer of branded organic dairy produce. All products are made with high quality, pure, organic ingredients without any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, which made them an obvious choice to include in this series. 

I was kindly sent a couple of pots to try out for myself including a hotly anticipated new flavour which I'll go into more below. 

Firstly let's talk about one of their classic, staple flavours, the low fat natural yogurt pot*. It is less than 2% fat which is awesome for my diet plan and made from lovely and creamy organic milk which gives it a nice and mild yet delicious taste. 

It's perfect either alone, mixed with berries like strawberries and blueberries, poured over a fruit salad or used in recipe ideas such as sauces, dips and marinades. I love it when products are multi use, it means you get better value when you buy the bigger pots as you can use the yogurt across different meals. 

Next let's move on to the new flavour! I was so excited to try this out and you will see it in shops soon so keep an eye out in your local supermarkets or organic food shops. I am pleased to announce that the new flavour is the Limited Edition Fig & Honey*. 

This variety is a moreish mix of sweet figs and honey mixed in with Rachel's signature creamy low fat organic yogurt and is absolutely divine, seriously. On it's own it is a delicious sweet treat, but it would be awesome used in desserts as well. 

In addition to the range of yogurt pots there are also dessert options and milk, cream and butter. To check out all of the products available you can whizz over to http://www.rachelsorganic.co.uk/range and after that be sure to check out the recipes section which has delicious ideas such as Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes with Homemade Marshmallow Fluff

I thought it would be interesting to include a section from Rachel's FAQ section that details the nutritional benefits of organic dairy products and have popped it below for those of you that fancy a read:

Here at Rachel’s, we believe that our organic dairy products not only taste delicious but, because they are made with care using only the very best organic ingredients, they are also better for you and your family.
The Soil Association reports that, on average, organic foods contain higher levels of vitamin C and essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and chromium, as well a variety of antioxidants.
What’s more, the delicious organic milk that we use in our products is naturally higher in Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and some other antioxidants than conventional non-organic milk.
Omega 3 fatty acids are believed to be essential for maintaining a healthy heart, supple and flexible joints, healthy growth, strong bones and teeth, as well as improved brain function and memory. It is also believed that a diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids can help children with learning and behavioural difficulties.
The benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids are at an optimum when they are obtained directly from foods making our range of delicious organic dairy products an ideal source of Omega 3.

I hope you liked this post and are enjoying Organic September, drop me a comment below with any thoughts on Rachel's products or other products you would like to see covered in the series.

Thanks for reading!

Love Sally X

Friday 11 September 2015

Vegan Pukka Tea Giveaway!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're all well and looking forward to the weekend.

Today I have a fun giveaway for one of you to win four luxury, vegan Pukka teas, Prize supplied by Discount Supplements, suppliers of cheap protein powder and health supplements. Each box of tea contains 20 teabags/servings so the lucky winner will be getting 80 cups of tea!

Flavours in the Pukka range include wild apple & cinammon, ginger, chai, lemon and licorice, please note that the flavour of the teas sent may vary from the image but all will be vegan.

To enter, it's really easy, you must be based in the UK and it is one entry per person via the rafflecopter form below:

The giveaway is live now and ends at 12am on the 25th September.

Good luck everyone and don't forget to include your twitter handle or email address in the comment so I can easily contact the winner. 

Thanks for reading!

Love Sally X

Thursday 10 September 2015

The Yumbox

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well, not long until the weekend now!

In keeping with my latest posts around healthy living I wanted to introduce you to my Yumbox* which travels with me every day to work.

The main benefit to this product for me is that I reduce on packaging, I don't need to use plastic sandwich bags or foil or anything to keep my food in and I can just pop it all in my box which can slot straight into my handbag. In terms of convenience it definitely delivers.

Did I mention it comes in colours including this super cute pink?!

Inside the Yumbox you have pre-portioned removable trays and illustrations which give you ideas for what to put in each compartment. 

There are two designs, the classic Yumbox which has five 1/2 cup portions with a small well to store a dip or treat, the panino is the one I have and that one is split into two a large two cup portion and two 1/2 cup portions with a dip well too. 

In terms of what you choose to put in each section, I like to put either a sandwich thin in the main compartment or cooked meats like ham or roast beef, I then have fat free yogurt in the top right, nuts or berries in the dip well to add to the yogurt and then I'll have apple slices or sweet potato chunks in the bottom right. You can have whatever you like though, if you just want to have a sandwich and some fruit you can take out the tray and just have that so it's adaptable.

Another one of the features is the leak proof single lid which means you can have yoghurt next to your sandwich without the worry of anything creeping over into another compartment which I thought was really good.

I would say the Yumbox is equally as suitable for adults and children, the fun colours and illustrations are great for engaging children with healthy eating and cutting out packaging but as an adult I thoroughly enjoy using mine and it looks fab in the office fridge. I would definitely recommend it for any of you guys that are in the market for a new lunchbox, it's a handy size, nice and secure and great quality.

If you want to check out the Yumbox range you can do so on http://www.eatwell-uk.co.uk/ who are the exclusive Yumbox distributor for the UK and Ireland. Let me know what you think of the product in the comments below, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and talk to you soon.

Love Sally X


Wednesday 9 September 2015

Speedo Sculpture Simplyglow Swimsuit

Hey Everyone!

Today I am going to be talking about my latest must have and a key part of my current lifestyle change as I move to healthier eating and more exercise. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise as it tones you pretty much all over your body as it works so many muscles and it's so much more fun for me than running. 

This must have product is the Speedo Simplyglow Swimsuit* which is part of their Sculpture range.  The Sculpture was created based on an analysis of 5400 women's bodies and focuses on flattering, exclusive body shaping fabrics and visual design tricks to smooth, shape and enhance your curves, so you feel confident and comfortable in your swimwear from the moment you’re wearing it.

The design of this one in particular is literally perfect for me, the wrap across the front with side tie is really flattering on the tummy and the deep v neckline helps to lengthen your upper body while the built in bust support means even larger chested ladies can feel supported and secure. The halterneck design is really nice too with comfortable, soft wide straps that tie together to match the side tie and the overall look is really classy and feminine.

In terms of the coverage, it is pretty good on this swimsuit, I feel nicely cinched in due to the body shaping fabric especially on the tummy but I'm still really comfortable, the back isn't too low and also the swimsuit comes down at a flattering point on your legs. 

I absolutely love my swimsuit and will continue to wear it for when I go to the local swimming pool to clock up some body magic, due to the Xtra Life Lycra fibre in these swimsuits they last up to 10 times longer than unprotected elastane meaning they fit and shape like new for longer. I would also 100% wear it on the beach on holiday or if I go for a spa day one weekend to relax. 

I hope you liked this review, it's an absolute gem of a product and I loved trying it out. If you want to check out the Speedo Body Shaping Range head on over to their website http://www.speedostore.co.uk/women/body-shaping where there is also a nifty size chart.

Thanks for reading!

Love Sally X

Tuesday 8 September 2015

Pana Chocolate

Hi Everyone!

Today is going to be another food related post and also is perfect for Organic September which I touched upon yesterday. 

Pana Chocolate was founded by Pana Barbounis in Australia with the intention of creating a rich luxurious chocolate the world could enjoy. The chocolate is made from vegan organic ingredients with no refined sugar and produced using minimal heat (raw). 

Why raw? Cacao processed at high heats (like in most chocolate) loses its nutrient value and can cause a build-up of acid in the body. Pana Chocolate uses a consistently low temperature to create non-acidic chocolate that retains its naturally occurring nutrients and antioxidants. By choosing raw chocolate you are getting all of the benefits of the cacao bean which is the most antioxidant rich food source known.

The chocolate is made using:

A hand picked cacao pod from Bolivia.

A coconut from the Philippines.

Cold pressed cacao butter from Peru, and dark agave nectar from Mexico.

Wild carob from Spain, organic cinnamon from Sri Lanka.

Which creates:

Chocolate that's smooth, rich, and silky, and something a little unexpected.

Chocolate that's full of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Chocolate without preservatives, that's vegan, gluten free, dairy free and soy free.

Also a few notes from the environmental side, Pana Chocolate ingredients are 100% certified organic and farmers are paid a fair price for their products. The eco-friendly packaging is made from 100% recycled materials with biodegradable foil wrapping, vegetable based inks and an edible plant gum seal.

Now on to my thoughts!

I have tried both the mint and the fig & wild orange flavours so will talk a little about each of those. 

The mint flavour is made with 60% cacao and pure essential peppermint oil to boost your energy levels and for me is perfect as a morning snack as a little pick me up when I'm in the office. The flavour is a lovely sweet mint chocolate perfect for satisfying sugar cravings and is truly delicious.

The fig & wild orange flavour is made with 70% cacao and has a difference texture due to the addition of figs which are nice and chunky and you get a hint of the orange flavour which blends really nicely. This flavour is lovely and creamy and the figs are rich in antioxidants, calcium and fibre making it a great raw vegan treat and the essential orange oil also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Each pack (45g) retails at £3.20 and is available via the Pana Chocolate online shop.  

I hope you liked this post, I have to say that I am having quite a ball testing out these organic goodies (it's not all within one sitting though I promise!!). If you want to see more let me know in the comments below and you can read all about Pana Chocolate on their website http://www.panachocolate.com/.

Thanks for reading and speak soon!

Love Sally X
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