Tuesday 29 September 2015

Khadi Volume and Gloss Shampoo

Hey Everyone!

October is almost upon us and I hope you have all been enjoying Organic September over the past few weeks and taking part where you can.

Today is a different theme to food and skincare which we have covered so far, this will be looking at haircare and specifically shampoo as it is very much a staple product that we all use so I thought it would be a great example of a switch you can make to organic which will have a great effect in the long run.

The brand I am going to be introducing are Khadi who are a natural haircare brand with a new range of nourishing shampoos. 

You may ask what makes the Khadi shampoos so unique? They contain a blend of sweet almond oil and wheat proteins, which help to repair damaged hair and promote growth. Hair is made up mostly of proteins and it is the proteins in wheat that repair damaged hair follicles by lifting the hair, whilst reducing small holes in the lengths of hair shafts and fortifying hair cells. Wheat proteins also retain moisture, giving hair added fullness, body and bounce.

Containing pure Ayurvedic herbal infusions that have been prepared and blended by Ayurvedic experts in India, each of the five fabulous shampoos in the range help overcome specific hair related problems, such as dry tresses, oily scalp, dull looking locks and limp hair. Ayurveda is an ancient system of natural healing that has been practiced in India for millennia and promotes a holistic view of beauty and wellness, which is key to the khadi brand: the aim to promote a beauty routine that incorporates the healing powers of herbs, oils and plants to achieve a more beautiful body.

All Khadi products are cruelty free, organic, vegan, BDIH[1] certified and free from peroxide, ammonia, preservatives, synthetic or artificial colours or dyes. As an ethical brand, Khadi also follows fair trade guidelines ensures that any herbs used in the formulations are collected in a sustainable and traditional way by local inhabitants.

Now on to my review, I tried out the Volume & Gloss shampoo* and this is what I thought!

First of all, the packaging is nice and luxurious with a gorgeous deep red colour and gold accents which links in with the India theme. 

You get a large 210ml bottle for a retail price of £11.90 which is pretty good compared with other premium brand price points. I chose to try out the volume and shine shampoo as it is designed to prevent hair breakage which can be a problem when you have long hair like me and it also provides more volume for my naturally straight locks.

I have been using the shampoo every other day for a few weeks now and compared to my normal store brand shampoo I have noticed a difference. In the picture above I haven't used any hair styling products and had just washed my hair that morning. When I'm washing my hair I'm noticing that there are less hairs shedding (and clogging up the bath) especially after the second week and my hair looks thicker and healthier.

 You may or may not know that I colour my hair, it's not far from my natural colour but I feel like it adds an extra bit of dimension, however this can be quite drying and does need regular conditioning. As a result of this I do try to stay away from the deep cleansing shampoos or ones with too many colour stripping ingredients, I can happily report that the Khadi one hasn't washed out or dulled my hair colour in anyway which is fab and I would say that it's nice and gentle on the scalp. 

You can probably tell that I'm quite a big fan of this shampoo, I do feel you can see the results but let me know what you think in the comments below!

If you would like to check out the Khadi range you can do so on www.khadihair.co.uk where they also have a selection of hair oils I'm keen to give a go.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll be back soon!

Love Sally X

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