Thursday 24 September 2015

Skin Revivals Organic Facial Cleansing Oil

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Today is the latest post in my Organic September series and it is going to be a skincare theme this time. I wanted to mix up the different product types to highlight that organic alternatives are available for so many of our everyday staples and what could be more of a staple than a cleansing oil?!

This product promises to be a gentle, effective and natural cleanser with ingredients like Rosehip & Avocado. Its lightly fragrant, vitamin rich blend of organic vegetable oils naturally breaks down make-up, dissolves all impurities and visibly refreshes leaving you with clear, glowing skin. 

Enriched with organic oils to help cleanse, maintain moisture balance and leave skin soft, comfortable and deeply cleansed. It is designed to remove even the most stubborn make-up including eye-make-up and is Soil Association Certified (99% organic).

I have incorporated the cleanser as part of my skincare routine for the past couple of weeks and I've been enjoying using it. I use it in two different ways depending on how much time I have, if I'm in a rush I squirt the oil onto a cotton pad and give my face a once over but if I have longer then I massage in the oil and take off the makeup with a warm, wet muslin cloth. I like that the product is nice and gentle and doesn't leave me with any redness after using as I do have quite sensitive skin. 

In terms of results, they are much more impressive than my usual makeup wipes which I generally reach for out of convenience and I have done multiple clean pad tests after fully taking my makeup off and they come back clean so they are great for removing any makeup residue and waterproof mascara.

The price point is pretty reasonable, £12 for 100ml* and the bottle does go quite far as you don't need lot's of oil each time. There are other products in the range such as creams, balms and gels which you can check out on the website

I hope this review gives you some inspiration for the beauty/skincare section of Organic September, again where the product works and is a great solution it makes the idea of switching to organic so easy and seamless.

If you are taking part in Organic September I'd love to hear about what you've tried so far in the comments below.

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