Monday 7 September 2015

Organic September

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As promised, today is a foodie post and we are going to be talking about Organic September and products that I think are perfect to try out as introductions to an organic lifestyle.

Small changes like switching a few regular products can have huge benefits to people, animal welfare and the environment and is something that I am really looking at as part of my healthier lifestyle I have put in place that some of you may be following on Instagram or my other social media. If you want to read more about Organic September here is a link to the Soil Association website where you can download a free guide featuring 30 small and affordable organic changes you can make during the month.

Now we know what Organic September is, let's look at the things I've tried out which are all organic and I'll tell you a little bit about each.

Firstly we have the Kromland Farm Organic Rooibos Tea* in vanilla and caramel.

As a bit of company background, Kromland Farm have been cultivating rooibos since 1902 but South Africa's indigenous Khoisan people have been enjoying it's rich flavour for millennia. It was a Khoisan farmer that shared the secrets of the tea and they've been making it to the same recipe ever since. They also recently won a Great Taste award which is fantastic news for them and very well deserved!

The tea itself is low in tannin, high in antioxidants, gently hydrating and great for nervous tension, allergies and digestive problems. Also it is the only naturally caffeine free herbal tea that can be enjoyed with milk so it's a great organic swap out for your usual brew. 

In each pack there are 40 tea bags and they retail at £2.49 per pack so really affordable. You add a teabag to freshly boiled water and leave to infuse for two to five minutes, I leave mine in for the full five as I love a stronger flavour to my tea. The vanilla tea is lovely and sweet and the blend of the real bourbon vanilla with the smooth rooibos is delicious! The caramel flavour has a gorgeous luxurious, indulgent taste to it and is something that I would happily have instead of a hot chocolate for example. 

Next let's move on to Nairn's Organic Oatcakes* which have a brand new look and an improved recipe with fibre rich oat bran.

The oatcakes are made with oats grown organically to standards set by the Soil Association, who I've referenced above in the introduction to Organic September, and they have a delicious intense toasted oat flavour making them the perfect base for sweet or savoury toppings. 

Wholegrain oats alone are a great source of soluble fibre and the addition of the oatbran (the most fibre rich part of the oat) helps aid digestion, lower cholesterol and slowly releases energy to help you feel fuller for longer. 

I love the rough oaty texture and rustic appearance, they taste nice with things like smoked salmon, scrambled egg or soup and where they are wheat free would be great for anyone with an intolerance. Each pack is £1.09 and contains 4 individual pouches of 6 oatcakes so is great for packed lunches and snacking on the go.

Next are the Ombar Coco Mylk Buttons*.

Ombar is a high vibe chocolate company and they have launched the Coco "Mylk" buttons recently as a delectable and dairy free "mylk" chocolate that loves your health as much as you love a sweet treat. 

Each pack is 100% natural, dairy free and vegan friendly and is made using raw organic cacao from Ecuador and sweetened using organic coconut palm sugar which is sustainably sourced from independent farmers in the Philippines. 

Each pack is £1.49 and the flavour is lovely, the raw cacao gives the buttons a rich creamy flavour so really is a tasty alternative to normal chocolate buttons with the added benefit of a healthy dosage of friendly bacteria which is shown to improve health and digestion. 

Last but not least, we have the Clearspring Snack Organic Tamari Roasted Sicilian Almonds*.

This product contains organically grown Sicilian almonds and are lightly coated in Clearspring's own organic tamari and roasted to perfection. Their organic tamari soya sauce is double strength, wheat-free, vegan and gluten-free and is naturally fermented and aged in cedarwood kegs over two summers.

The rich, deep and concentrated flavour of this classic sauce, made using organic whole soya beans by a family business in Japan with over 500 years of history, is what makes Clearspring Snack Organic Tamari Roasted varieties a very special, gourmet treat.

Each pack is £1.49 and perfect for a snack either at home or in the office or in your lunchbox, it's also great as a boost before exercise or going to the gym. I really like the crunchy texture and the flavour is really tasty and unique to anything I've tried before.

I hope these products give you some ideas of organic options that are available and are super easy to switch with your current choices, Organic September is the perfect time to give new things a go and the benefits can make the switch really worthwhile. 

I hope you liked this post, I've gone a bit more in depth around the processes of making the products than I do usually but I think that's the best way to highlight the difference with going organic. I will be featuring more reviews like this in the future in keeping with my own lifestyle changes, let me know if there are any healthy food options you'd like me to cover.

Thanks for reading!

Love Sally X

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