Tuesday 28 July 2015

The Gorgeous Sundae Bouquet feat Appleyard London

Hi Everyone!

Today I want to share with you a post on the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers I was recently sent by Appleyard London who are a company that specialise in Flower Delivery.

I think photos speak a thousand words with things as pretty as flowers, so let me show you what the Sundae Bouquet looks like!

First of all, these were delivered via the Next Day Flowers option which meant that they arrived super quickly and they came beautifully presented. 

They are wrapped in lovely white paper and come with a little card which you can personalise.

The flowers that come in the Sundae Bouquet are:

Kimsey Germini

Peach Avalanche Rose (my favourites)

Memory Lane Rose

White Alstroemeria

Gucci Spray Carnations

Alchemilla Mollis

and finally, Hard Ruscus

As you can see, the bouquet is nice and full especially for the standard option, there is currently a free large upgrade on the website so do take advantage of that if it's still going on when you place your order. 

I have chosen to arrange my flowers in a jug vase that we picked up a while back and I think it looks perfect and summery! I've taken the pictures outside as it's better lighting but it's now taken pride of place on my bedside table.

The flowers themselves are all full of life and the colours are so vivid and pretty, I really do think that it will make a gorgeous focal point for any room and the scent is absolutely stunning. 

I would definitely recommend Appleyard London if you are planning to Send Flowers to a friend or family member for an occassion or if you just fancy a treat for yourself. The flowers arrive really quickly and I was impressed by the presentation and overall appearance so big ticks in my book.

The team have been kind enough to give me a huge discount code to share with you guys, if you enter BLOG33 this will entitle you to 33% off the range of luxury bouquets, although it does exclude the flowers by post range 

I hope you guys liked this post, the flowers were an absolute joy to photograph and I had fun writing about them.

If you want to check out the full range pop on over to www.appleyardflowers.com for the full range details.

Thanks for reading!

Love Sally X

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