Tuesday 21 July 2015

L.A.B.2 I'm Turning Pro Brush Kit Review

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Today I have a fun beauty related post for you and we are going to be talking all about a beauty essential, make up brushes.

Now I am a complete convert to using brushes, previously I've tried sponges, blenders, fingers, those little foam applicators, you name it and I've tried it! Brushes have always come out on top though in terms of results but good quality brushes generally come at a higher price.

When I was introduced to L.A.B. 2 a couple of weeks ago I was really intrigued as they are all about having beauty without compromise and giving customers Luxe for Less! Sounds good to me. As a predominantly high street shopper I really like the idea of being able to shop high quality in such an accessible price point (£18.99 for a set of 4!) and in one of my favourite stores, Superdrug. 

The brush set I chose to try out is the I'm Turning Pro Brush Kit* which is a 4 piece set covering foundation, contour, buffing and eyeshadow brushes for a very reasonable £18.99. At the time of me posting this Superdrug actually have the whole range on a 3 for 2 deal so definitely check that out if you want even more of a bargain!

Now on to my thoughts!

Firstly, the bristles are lovely and soft. They are made with FiberLuxe Technology and cutting edge synthetic fibers which are designed to give superior pigment pick up and release, even colour distribution, precise application and flawless looking results. 

Secondly the handles are a nice soft grip and sit comfortably in your hand giving really good control when you are applying products.

The foundation brush applied my liquid foundation nice and evenly and the pointed tip let me get in to areas such as around the nose that can be harder with a bigger brush. 

The contour brush was brilliant for applying my Hoola bronzer and fits perfectly into the hollows of my cheekbones and distributes just about the right level of product so I don't have a too heavy application. 

The buffing brush was good for applying an all over setting powder or could be used for mineral makeup possibly which I think it would work well for. It's good at applying the product evenly so you don't get that cakey effect and the powder doesn't cling to your dry areas. 

The eyeshadow brush was also really fun to use, it picks up pigment well, gives good product payoff and is good for blending too. I've used this brush with loose pigments, palettes and cream eyeshadows and it performs well every time.

Overall, I'm really pleased that I tried out this set, it's a fantastic selection of 4 high quality brushes you will reach for time after time and get great use from. They wash up lovely without shedding so I can see them lasting a long time and they will now form part of my permanent brush collection.  

I hope you liked this post and would definitely recommend checking them out either instore in Superdrug or online, you can also read more about L.A.B. 2 on their website.

Thanks for reading!

Love Sally X

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