Monday 13 July 2015

5 Ways To Use Sudocrem Skin Care Cream

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Today we are going to be doing a spin on a holy grail product and looking at different ways it can be used. I'm of course talking about Sudocrem! The antiseptic healing cream is every mother's essential product for children and something my own used sparingly at every available opportunity. Today is all about the Skin Care Cream version and five different ways you can use it.

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream is aimed at helping maintain beautiful healthy skin as part of your daily skin routines. It is suitable for all ages and skin types, and has a RRP of only £2.11 - an absolute steal. And also, coming in a handy 30g tube it can be thrown into your handbag, weekend bag or suitcase.

Now let's look at the five ways you can use this product that I can think of!

1. As a face mask. You can apply a thin layer all over your face and use as an overnight mask to give your skin a healthy glow the following morning.

2. As a moisturiser. The zinc oxide in Sudocrem prevents moisture loss and it's lanolin is great for moisturising too.

3. As a spot treatment. Use it first thing in the morning and last thing at night to help soothe, moisturise and reduce redness. 

4. To help treat rashes. A thin layer can help calm the rash, reduce redness and make things a bit more comfortable. 

5. To soothe chafed skin. Similiar to the rash treatment above you can apply a thin layer to help calm your skin and give some relief to any chafage (is that a word?). 

Basically, it's a wonder product, something I take on pretty much any holiday I go on and like to have in my bag when I'm out and about. I was intrigued to hear it's hailed as a top beauty secret by celebrities such as Rita Ora, Cheryl Fernandez and Lara Stone which is pretty cool considering it's so cheap!

You can get hold of this cream in most pharmacies and major retailers such as Boots or Superdrug or check out the Sudocrem website for further information:

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!

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  1. Sudocrem has been an essential of mine for years, very versatile and handy product to have


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