Thursday 16 July 2015

Season To Taste - An Adventure in Food

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Today is going to be a foodie post which is very quickly becoming my favourite topic to write about and this time it's all about the Season To Taste.

Unilever kindly provided me with a few products to try out and share my thoughts on and we are also going to be looking at different ways to use each ingredient. 

Lets get started!

Firstly we have PG tips teabags in vibrant blackcurrant and juicy red berries. The aromas that come out from these are so nice and fruity and the tea bags are in a pyramid shape to allow the water to move through the leaves more efficiently and allow the tea to infuse quicker. 

For the best, strongest taste I would recommend leaving the bag in for 6-7 minutes which for me was perfect.

Next are the condiments. The Maille mustard with honey is a lovely French product and my serving recommendation would be with thick cut honey roast ham in slices of granary bread. Delicious!

Hellmann's mayonaise needs little introduction or serving advice but I can attest that it tastes awesome on fat chip shop chips and in juicy steak burgers (and about 100 other things). 

Next we have the Knorr flavour pots in garden herbs which is a seasoning paste that can be used with either warm or cold meals or to marinate meat like some nice chicken breasts to have with some salad. It was also great with pasta mixed in with tomato flavouring.  

Then last of all are the Knorr beef stock pots which are literally the best thing ever on spaghetti bolognese or a chilli con carne. The flavour is such a rich and tasty beef and would even go great in things like gravies, stir fries or casseroles.

I hope you liked this post, it's a roundup of some awesome products that are perfect for your day to day meals to add an extra something. If you want to check out any of them simply head to your nearest supermarket and grab a couple to try out or you can read a bit about each brand on the Unilever website here.

Until next time, thanks for reading!

Love Sally X

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