Tuesday 22 July 2014

Ag-a-doo-doo-doo, Push Pineapple, Shake the Tree

Hey Everyone!

So the sun is shining, the lighting is perfect and I have a new dress to show you. The perfect combination for a blog post!

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you will have seen that neon and brights in general is huge on the high street this summer. Well the lovely folk at New Look kindly sent me a couple of items to share with you all, so this is part 1 with part 2 to come later this week.

Today I am going to be raving about this Inspire Neon Pink Pineapple Bodycon Dress. As you know bodycon is something I don't wear a lot of and have been known to shy away from, but I thought with such an eye catching fun print and lovely neon pink I could pull it off! (Here's where you comment below "oh yeah you totally do").

I ordered one size up, so you can see it's not completely skin tight on me, which I feel much more comfortable in. I also paired it with a plain black cardigan to give me some coverage on my arms and leggings the dress is completely opaque though so I could wear it with tights if I wanted a more party look. 

By the way these pictures were taken on a little adventure I had while walking alongside the railway in Potters Bar, I discovered an entrance to a park I wasn't aware of despite living there for years!! 

I think this might be some sort of mini golf thing? I couldn't work out what the little wooden posts were for! Maybe one of you can advise?!

I ended up having quite a fun afternoon, shortly after these pictures I carried on walking straight out to an icecream van for a screwball and I saw some friends in the evening and got lots of compliments on my dress.

I hope you liked this post and let me know your thoughts below as always.

Thanks for reading! Love Sally X


  1. I love the pineapple print! The bright pink is very pretty with your skin tone.

  2. You look great! Rock it, girl!

  3. Pineapples I feel are bang on trend atm, nice to see a high street shop stocking this print :)

  4. You are so adorable! And I seriously love the pineapple prints. Lol.

    1. I'll second that, the pineapple print is lush!

  5. This outfit looks like a lot of fun :) Lovin the pineapple trend!

    xo, Pau

    1. I love it too. Anything with fruit on, especially my melon dress from Asos! x

  6. Well, How can I not love the pineapple print being from Hawaii right! I love it on you as well, I would have rather seen you with it using a with shrug and white capri's, and that beautiful pink or fushia Kate Spade clutch bag you got from Ebay and maybe if you have some ballerina slip on's in something shiny like silver or maybe a sassy flashy sandal and a neon pink pedicure would look nice too! Just saying girl you look fab anyways! It's just someone like me trying to papperdoll dress you up and it's my habit ...

    1. Such good suggestions, if only I could have you as my personal stylist! x


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