Thursday 31 July 2014

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Hey Everyone!

Do not despair, I'm still doing the good old outfit of the day posts you know and love and I'm bringing you one today! You have probably noticed that I have reignited my love affair with beauty products, hopefully over the next few weeks I can strike a perfect balance between the two also with a couple of new features thrown in to add to the excitement. But yes, things are being shaken up a bit with some varied content and hopefully you will enjoy it all.

Today's particular outfit is quite surprising for me for two reasons. 

Numero Uno: I am wearing JEANS! This is an official first on the blog, but yes I have finally managed to find a semi decent fitting pair of jeans after months of searching and of the skinny variety! 

Unfortunately these bad boys are no longer available on ASOS which is bloody typical really, it's a recurring theme that when I find something I really like that it's discontinued shortly after. But anyway, that is where they were from and I really like them.

The second thing quite surprising is this gorgeous Kate Spade raffia clutch bag (with chain).

This was a bit of a late night impulse Ebay purchase, but as soon as it arrived I fell in love with the colour, the texture and the fact each one is handmade by women in Bosnia. It's not something I would normally have picked but I am so pleased I took a bit of a gamble and got it anyway even if it was with no thought as to how I'd style it.

Now that leaves my lovely neon floral top* I was kindly sent from New Look Inspire as part of their Electro Feel campaign. 

I think the pink bag really compliments the neon pink flowers in the floral print on the top and I love how bright and cheery the overall look is.

The sleeves are literally the perfect length, no cardigan needed, they stop just short of the elbow so you have all that coverage at the top where I feel the least confident. 

The top is a good length as well to wear over jeans, while it's a boxy cut it doesn't give you the dreaded short and wide shape I'm not a fan of. 

What do you guys think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! Love Sally X



  1. Hi Sally, I love the outfit..especially the top, the colours are gorgeous! x

  2. love the outfit. wish i was brave enough to wear a top like that :)

    julz x

    1. thanks Julz! And I'm sure you would look fab hun x

  3. This outfit looks amazing on you! I had the same problems with jeans until I ordered some from ASOS. Best fitting jeans I have ever tried! xx

    1. I know right, super stretchy, so comfortable and nice and high waisted. Amen to the asos jean x

  4. I love that bag, it's cute! Beautiful pictures as always :)

  5. Very cute! I love that very original bag and you have amazing hair! x

  6. This outfit is stunning, I've been looking for a top like this!

  7. I love the top! :)


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