Saturday 5 July 2014

Feeling Blue

Hey Everyone!

Hope you're all well, I'm feeling a bit better after a dreadful case of flu which has just consumed all my energy. Because of this I haven't been out taking photos so today's post is from the archive!! 

These photos were taken a while ago on a day out with Charlotte at Myddleton House. These will be the last photos from this location as I feel I've pretty much photographed everything there is to be photographed now! I love exploring new places so hopefully I can find some cracking new locations to share with you, I already have a few ideas!

So on to the outfit!

This bag* is from the Claire Richards range at Fashion World, it's really good as a practical day bag and fits everything I need. The strap is also long enough which is rare thing for me.

The dress is from Asos Curve, it's one of my all time favourites and possibly top 5 most worn. I wear it for pretty much every work meeting or interview I have as I just feel it looks smart and fits perfectly. 

The cardigan is a vintage find from a shop in Notting Hill, I have no idea on the brand but I love the contrast of the cream with the gold edged ruffles and the fabric is very light weight and stretchy.

And lastly, my boots are from a car boot sale and cost me £9 I think, I got them ages ago. I have worn these so much as they go with pretty much everything.

I like this outfit post, I don't know why I haven't put it up earlier to be honest. I guess I just feel a bit out of the loop on the blogging world at the moment after taking out a few weeks just to start feeling better. But alas, I am still here and will be working on new content for you guys. A lot of you have asked on haircare tips for long hair which I'll be working on next, so hopefully we can get a mix of outfits and also more beauty themed posts going forwards!

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me and I'll see you again soon!

Thanks for reading. Love Sally X



  1. I love your new design and header :) x

  2. Nice outfit !
    XOX, Gap

  3. Your outfit is so pretty! I've been looking for a cream/white cardigan to wear!


  4. Lovely outfit! You're very pretty, Sally!

    Andera |

  5. AWWW! I hope that you get to feeling better , I can see it in your eyes that even dressing in something as pretty as this that your are wearing is not doing diddly squat for you....Go home and make a huge cup of chamomile tea and go cozy up and take a nap after your tea and take care of You!


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