Tuesday 12 May 2015

Stop By And Smell The Flowers

Hey Guys!

Today I am going to share an outfit of the day, revisiting my ever growing love of floral prints. I feel like it's been a little while since we've done this, so I have a few more outfits planned for the next month to show you all. Woo!

This lovely dress is from Asos Curve but an old collection so unfortunately no longer available however keep your eyes peeled on Ebay because it's a beauty.

I love the flattering black panels which make your middle smaller like some sort of optical illusion. Very sneaky!

I'm also wearing one of my favourite hair bands I picked up at a car boot sale for a tiny one pound! Cute isn't it?

I hope you liked this outfit, let me know your thoughts below and I look forward to speaking to you in my next post.

Thanks for reading. Love Sally X



  1. I love flower prints. You look like a fairy with all the green and the flowers.

  2. What a beautiful location and dress!


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