Sunday 13 April 2014

Time to Blossom

Hey Everyone!

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend.

Today I will be sharing an outfit of the day with you and also letting you know of a few upcoming developments!!

Now a week or so ago I told you about me getting a new camera, it's officially here and these are the first pictures I've taken with it (still mastering the settings). It's so much fun working out how to use a DSLR as there are so many options and effects you can do! Hopefully you will see an improvement in picture quality from now on and I can definitely see the difference already. 

So, the outfit!

Today I am wearing a lovely floral kimono in a silky fabric which I got from George at Asda a little while ago and it comes with a plain black vest top from memory. I've paired this with a stretchy waffle textured dress also from George at Asda which I also have in pink and black checks and is the one I wore to the One One Three fashion show.

Right so onto more developments. I'm really trying to raise my game lately regarding blogging, I think there is a desperate need for better quality in photos in general and it's not just about the camera it's about things like the backgrounds, how the outfits are put together and showcased. Just the whole "picture" really!

So I am going to try and get more creative, I have some great backdrops and location settings coming up and I am constantly researching amazing places to visit and share with you all. I have even changed my shopping habits, I'm looking for more necklaces and bags to piece together full looks and am focused on featuring more higher end pieces to mix things up a bit and you will start to see them creep in soon.

Another thing I want to do is include more conversational/discussion topics in my posts. There are so many things to offer an opinion on (plus size themed) and I think it would help us all get to know each other a bit more, I want you guys to feel more involved and like this is a two way thing. Is this something you want to see?

So that's what you can expect from me, and what I ask is that you help the blog blossom by giving me feedback where you can and letting me know what you want to see. Deal?

Thanks for reading!

Love Sally X


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  1. LOVING this outfit hun. Yep, I agree about the whole conversation side of things. I'd like to do that too. x


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