Wednesday 16 April 2014

The Greatest Style Tip I Can Share

Hey Everyone!

Today I am going to be sharing with you my entry to the La Redoute blogger competition, it's super exciting with amazing prizes at stake and I couldn't resist giving it a go. 

The guys at La Redoute have recently created a Secrets To French Style guide which is made up of 7 key looks that are very typical of the chic French style that we all know and love and it gives you the option to buy or share the looks using the #FrenchStyle tag. It's definitely worth checking out, I love the inspirational fashion quotes on each slide!

So back to the competition, all you need to do to enter is to share your best style tip. Now I had to give this a lot of thought, as a fashion blogger where would you even start right?! 

After much deliberation and discussion with my fellow bloggers and friends, I have chosen to go with one simple word that I would say is the best advice I can give to make an outfit look instantly better.


Now let me explain. For me, style is not just about the clothes you are wearing, it is the confidence you wear them with. That's what sells your outfit and your personality to the world and how people make an impression of you. We all have that one item that we can put on and just feel a million dollars, the colour might set off your eyes or hair perfectly, the fit might be amazing and flatter your curves in the best possible way or it could have a fun print that reflects your personality spot on. But sure as hell, when you wear that item you feel confident, happy and you smile when you wear it, you can't help it.

So how do you go about finding these miracle items? Well here are a few suggestions! 

1. Take a selection of clothes into a changing room to try on and get each in 3 sizes, your own size and one size either side. Get a feel for the fit, the texture of the fabric, how the colour looks against your skintone. Never buy something that doesn't make you feel at least better than you did in the outfit you wore in to the shop. Go for the best fit, don't take any notice of the size number, sizing is so inconsistent across different shops odds are you will need a different size anyway. 

You might find multiple gems in one trip or you might find none, but when you do find one you instantly know. Your posture changes and can't help but beam out a smile.

2. Don't always play it safe, we all have our individual preferences on what we like to wear (me included) but when you step outside your comfort zone you can be pleasantly surpised! A baby pink PU biker jacket isn't something I would normally wear at all, but look below, it looks great when it's on and I love it!

3. Play around with accessories, it's about bringing the full look together, all the individual pieces should work together and compliment each other.

4. And finally, if in doubt get a second opinion, sometimes other people see things that you just miss, I know I can often be my own harshest critic! So I ask people I trust on what they think, the dress below was something I bought on a bit of a whim and wasn't 100% sure on but I've had so many compliments on it and people asking where I got it that it's made it a go to outfit for me. 

I hope these pointers help and don't get too hung up on style rules, at the end of the day fashion is a form of self expression so have fun with it! As long as you have confidence in what you wear that will always shine through.

Thanks for reading and wish me luck for the competition!

Love Sally X



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