Wednesday 30 April 2014

Flower Power

Hey Guys!

What's happening, how's your week going?

Today I want to bring you a nice spring time outfit of the day centered around this skirt:

It was an Ebay bargain, originally from ASOS which I bought for a small sum of under £15! I am in love with the petal detailing on the sides (not pockets) and thought it would be perfect for a floral, blossomy outfit.

I paired it with a nice purple, pink and black floral blouse from George At Asda, a rose gold spiked necklace from Primark and a nice rose gold bow belt also from George At Asda.

It was such a beautiful day I just had to run out to my local park and take some pictures for you guys. I feel the blossom on the tree works well with the white parts of the blouse.

I kept my makeup minimal as it is quite a statement outfits but paired with a nice coat of Mac's Sunny Seoul, I wanted the print and accessories to do the talking.

The skirt is lovely and flowing, but fitted at the waist so the pleats sit well. 

I couldn't help but do a bit of swishing

Ok maybe quite a lot of swishing!

I am also really pleased with how well my new camera has been performing, do you guys notice a difference in picture quality?

I hope you all don't mind this picture heavy post, I was so pleased with how they came out I couldn't help but share them all. Hopefully I will be doing more outdoorsy pictures as the lighting is so much better and the backgrounds are far more exciting than my garden!

What do you think of my outfit/pictures? Let me know below in the comments, would love any feedback as at the moment the blog is really developing and I want you guys to be a part of that!

As always, thanks for reading and speak soon!

Love Sally X



  1. Thanks hun! I am so pleased with it, a total bargain and perfect for this time of year! X

  2. I really love the detail on the skirt. It is very pretty.

  3. I never thought that a statement necklace would go with a top like that, but it works very well. The top is a lovely pattern - I also really like your hair. Long hair FTW!

    Swishing is the best part of wearing pretty skirts and dresses, so I don't blame you ;)

    Corinne x

    1. I didn't think it would go either but I ended up liking it! I def prefer having long hair, there is so much more you can do with it style wise X

  4. Love the flowy skirt perfect for spring /summer.

  5. Lovely and spring like! Go girlfriend!

  6. I love all the swishing photos and the backdrop is lovely, as well as the outfit. My post today featured blossoms too. x x

    1. thanks Leah! Can't wait to see you again on Saturday btw. Will check out your post now, don't think I've seen it come up yet xx

  7. I love this outfit, the shirt is beautiful and the skirt looks so lovely on you! :) Just discovered your blog and have followed too - look forward to reading more posts. xx

    Lovely Jubbly Blog

    1. aww thanks hun! I've followed you back X

  8. Very pretty and lovely piccies, very artistic :)

    Helen X

  9. Really love this outfit, especially the shirt and cannot believe it's from asda, George have really stepped it up this year :) you look super pretty in these pictures :) xxx

  10. Skirt and belt compliment each other nicely!!


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