Tuesday 15 April 2014

My interview with Liz McClarnon for Fashion World!

Hey Everyone!

Today I am going to be sharing with you my insane experience of meeting /interviewing a member of one of my favourite 90's bands (Atomic Kitten) , the lovely Liz McClarnon!

I was kindly contacted by the PR folk at Fashion World (same guys that arranged the Claire Richards event) and was offered the chance to have a one on one interview with Liz to speak about her gorgeous new swimwear range. I think I was actually shaking when I read the email, putting all nerves aside I knew I had to say yes and quickly made the arrangements before I could chicken out.

The interview took place at the prestigious 45 Park Lane Hotel by Marble Arch where Liz was waiting for me in a huge suite room with samples of her collection dotted around for us to browse and take a look at. As you can see from the picture above I was making a beeline to the window to look at a certain flamingo bikini, but more on that later!

So, I nervously took my seat next to Liz on the sofa, not fully knowing what to expect, but she was so welcoming and warm I instantly felt at ease and conversation just flowed naturally. I chose not to film the interview like some of the other girls just because it would make me even more nervous, but in a way I'm glad I didn't as it made it much more like a relaxed conversation with me asking important questions but at the same time getting to know Liz more and just having fun.

The first burning question I had for her was why she chose Fashion World and to do a plus size collection, I have to say it was a pleasant surprise when I found out about the collaboration but have been dying to know how it came about. She said that her family are all fans of Fashion World so she already knew of the brand and when they contacted her with ideas she was really excited by the opportunity. She chose swimwear because there are so few options out there for cute, classy designs in such a variety of sizes (8-32), which is completely spot on and that's speaking from my experience. 

I talked to Liz at length about the design process, it's amazing how much work went into designing the collection and she was very hands on and heavily involved in every step of the process. It took a year from the initial idea to the launch of the range and she also has lingerie and lounge wear ranges due for release in July which I can't wait to see.

I asked her what her personal favourite pieces were from the range and she said she loves the cherry swimsuit above and also the daisy print bikini but would absolutely wear any of the pieces on the beach which she plans to do. 

My favourite piece would have to be the flamingo print swimsuit below. I absolutely love the cute print, but the piece itself is also a great quality fabric with removable straps meaning you can wear it as a bandeau and avoid tan lines and the legs aren't cut too high giving a more flattering fit. Perfection!

Needless to say I have already got one on the way and will do a review shortly!

The full range had a fun 50's vibe and consists of 3 styles, a bikini, a swimsuit and a swim dress in 3 funky designs, flamingo print, cherry print and daisy print. There are also 3 pretty kaftans that you can wear with the pieces to compliment the shapes but offer a little bit more coverage. 

Liz's aim was to create a collection that is not only stylish and fun, but one that ensures its wearer feels confident on the beach. As far as I am concerned, mission accomplished!

Overall I had the most incredible time meeting Liz and getting to see the collection in person and am so grateful to Fashion World for the opportunity. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and be sure to check out the collection on this link!

Thanks for reading, love Sally X 



  1. Replies
    1. Rather, It looks like you had so much fun hahhah! Excuse my tired brain.

    2. It was incredible! Such a random but fun event to go to and she was super nice! X

  2. Oh wow, sounds like such an amazing opportunity to be able to interview her and take a sneak peak at the collection. I love some of these bikinis, especially the cherries and flamingoes.

    1. It was really cool! I think the bikinis are really flattering with the adjustable ruching on the briefs and the prints are total winners x

  3. So lovely to see you again hun. I had a fab day. Excellent write up. x

  4. Wow, what an amazing experience and exciting one too! I think your post is brilliant and I love the swimwear!

  5. Hi,

    This looks so awesome and so fabulous that your blog allows you to meet the celebs and designers behind some of the amazing collabs they have!

    I love the flamingo one too!

    Rebecca xxx

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