Sunday 27 April 2014

If You're a Bird, I'm a Bird

Hey Everyone!

How has your week been? Amen to the 4 day week, that's all I'm saying!!

Today I'm bringing you an outfit of the day featuring this beautiful Bird Printed Doll Dress I purchased from Simply Be. I'm going to pair it with two different jackets to show how you can dress it up or down but still have a really pretty look. 

So this is what the dress looks like on it's own without any cardigans/jackets.

The sleeves are just the right length and for someone as paranoid about their arms as me this is so important. I'm tired of having to wear a plain black long sleeve top underneath, it ruins the look!

The dress is relatively short compared to the styles I usually wear, but I like it! The skirt part has a slight dipped hem so gives a bit of extra fabric to cover your backside, as you can see I wore it with tights and was absolutely fine. 

I would say the dress is true to size and fitted me perfectly, I like how it nips in at the waist and gives a great feminine shape. 

For my first look I have paired it with the holy grail pink PU biker jacket, also from Simply Be. 

I think this look is really girly and great for spring. The colour of the jacket perfectly compliments the colours in the bird print and I thought the backdrop in this picture was good as the fallen petals almost look like feathers.

Next up is a more casual look with my denim parka coat also from Simply Be.

The coat is nice and lightweight so will see me into summer for the festival season.

I can totally see me wearing this at reading festival with a nice pair of pink wellies.

What do you think of my outfits? Let me know below in the comments!

You will be excited to know I have been having fun with my new camera, I already have a couple of upcoming outfit posts scheduled I think you're going to love so keep a look out next week!

Thanks for reading and your continued support, I have had some really sweet emails this week from you guys which I really appreciate and love reading :). If any of you want to get in touch with feedback or just for a chat my email is, I will always respond and I'd love to hear from you!

Speak soon.

Love Sally X


  1. Oooo I LOVE this dress! This is exactly the kind of thing I live in; pretty print dresses, leggings or tights. Being a plus size too, seeing what other people where really helps inspire me. I am looking forward to pay day and having a little splurge so I might just add this to my want list.

    Jade x

    1. I think it will look gorgeous on you! And I know what you mean about taking inspiration for outfits, the amount of times I've bought something off the back of another bloggers review!! I bought the dress because I saw it on Sprinkle of Glitter lol!! X

  2. Another gorgeous outfit and the backgrounds are beautiful! x

  3. You look amazing! I love that dress, and the pink jacket. x x

  4. I love this dress, it really suits you! :-)

  5. Lovely dress - it's definitely not too short. I like it best with the pink jacket, but agree - the sleeves are perfect length (and I suspect EVERYONE has arm paranoia!)

    1. Thanks hun! And yes, I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on the arm thing. It's strange but they are the one thing I find most difficult to get out in pictures. X

  6. I love the dress. It really suits you and the pink jacket too. Definitely your colour x

  7. that dress!! wow! great pop of colour with that print

  8. Hi Sally! I like the way you write the blog.. You keep it nice and simple... it's just like my writing style... The dress looks nice too.. Yes a man... saying a dress looks nice! It's not often you find a women wearing a dress these days.


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