Wednesday 12 February 2014

The Cut for Evans

Hey Guys!

Now I have a on/off relationship with Evans, I can go months without seeing anything I like but then BAM they hit me with a great collection and I end up spending big. That's exactly what has happened with The Cut Collection.

Students from Bournemouth and Kingston Universities, known for their strong print and knitwear design divisions, entered the competition to see their designs launched online and at Evans' flagship store.

The collection showcases Alice Farrow's contemporary and bold prints and Rebecca Partington's fun and unique knitwear pieces.

Now ready yourself for some AMAZING pieces! 

The whole collection is bold, full of colour and prints, a really insightful use of shape and patterns and most of all something that is perfect for the younger audience. As a 23 year old fashion loving plus size girl I literally feel like the whole collection was made for me and everything is completely wearable and fashion forward. I'm literally gobsmacked at how well Evans have done and this collection is the best thing since the holy grail Beth Ditto collection which has pieces going on Ebay for more than they originally were even as recent as this year!

Now for the images, sorry guys but I couldn't source them all so to see the full collection go on this link here . As soon as more become available I'll update the post, promise.

Bright knitted top (£35) and skirt (£29.50). I love the geometric abstract print and the knitted material adds texture and would be ultra cosy. 

Yellow scuba cut out shift dress (£45). There was no question in my mind that I was buying this dress, the vivid print is an attack on the eyes in the best possible way and I love the slashed cut out details. 

Abstract print sleeveless chiffon shirt (£35) and pink and green midi tube skirt (£28). From the moment I saw this combination in the earliest images released I knew they had to be mine. The two items work perfectly together and look so feminine with the beautiful floral print, I would wear this outfit all the time! 

Pink and green sleeveless v-neck jumpsuit (£49.50). In a similar print to the above combo, the jumpsuit is another item I have ordered this morning. I've never bought a jumpsuit before, put off by shapeless jersey numbers but the structure and texture of this one makes it accessible for me. 

Bright long line tunic (£49.50). This is a lovely knit long jumper dress, the design is pretty and I like the 3/4 length arms but this isn't one for me just because I'm not a huge fan of too much white.

Abstract print edge to edge bolero (£45). This is a really cute cardigan/bolero which would brighten up and look fab with any plain top, but didn't make the shopping bag just because I already have a few similar pieces. 

In addition to the above there is a gorgeous blue print shirt (£39.50) and trousers (£39.50) which were absolutely stunning in terms of colour and print, which went straight in my basket, and also black print leggings (£19.50) which I didn't get out of guilt over how much I'd already spent!

As a treat, I have found this discount code for 20% off orders up to the 15th Feb: EV20FAB. I used this on my order this morning and it saved me over £40 so definitely worth doing!
For free Delivery on orders over £50 use this code : FREE50

I am so impressed with this collection, I feel that it's a really edgy, young, contemporary collection which is just so relevant to the target customer, which will be a lot of the people reading this blog post!

I will of course show you guys a post of the things I bought as soon as they arrive, likely to be next week so keep an eye out for that!

What do you guys think? Do you love the collection as much as I do? Leave your thoughts below.

Thanks for reading, love Sally X


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