Sunday 2 February 2014

My Thoughts on Mango's Plus Size Violeta Collection

Hey Everyone!

Today I am going to be taking a look at the new plus size collection recently launched by the Spanish high street retailer Mango, called Violeta. The key message for the collection is simple, "It suits me and I like it" and great care has been taken in the technical patterns for each size in what is a high quality wearable collection. The target buyer is explained as "a modern demanding woman who wants to feel sexy, attractive and fashionable" which I think is what us plus size girls can relate to. We don't want just drab clothes that blend into the background, we want to be taken seriously as trend leading, individual, strong women in fashion. 

The range covers sizes 12-24 which has caused a bit of backlash as a lot of people wouldn't consider a size 12 necessarily plus size. I personally think that if you have curves at the lower sizes then this range might be more suited to your body shape than the normal range in terms of proportions and in fact could be a positive thing. Surely the option to be able to pick from either range if you're a size 12 must be a good thing, as a size 18 plus I can definitely say that us bigger ladies do not have this luxury or variety when shopping.

The release of the collection coincides with the Spring/Summer 2014 campaign in January and consists of 400 models, to which new garments will be added, to offer new products every month. The expansion plans for the collection also look really promising for both instore and online internationally.

So that's it for a bit of background, let's now delve into the collection itself and take a look at some key clothing pieces!

Below is a selection of lovely knitwear pieces. They are classic, chic, would suit a variety of ages and personal styles and they range between £44.99 and £59.99 in price.

Next is a gorgeous navy jacquard biker coat with asymmetric zip and epaulette detailing on the shoulders. I love the shape of this coat, the metallic detailing in the print and the price is a moderate £119.99. 

Below are a selection of blousons ranging between £34.99 and £44.99, beautiful materials and textures in a timeless crisp white that goes with everything and looks effortlessly cool.

Finally for clothing we have this stunning crepe LBD for £59.99. I love the pairing with the belt from the accessories range which brings it in at the waist for a really nice and feminine silhouette. I think the length is perfect and means I could wear it for a work meeting but with the right make up, accessories and shoes could transition into a evening dress.

There is also an accessories range consisting of bags, belts, scarves, jewellery and wallets.

Finally to finish off the brief overview, Violeta also offers a small selection of 10 pairs of shoes which are either flats/ballerina pumps or sandals and the average price is between £80-£90 a pair.

Overall my thoughts are very positive, I think a lot of thought has gone into the collection, the shapes and quality of the garments look to be really good and the price, although high compared to other brands I shop at, is affordable and justifiable. I remember seeing loads of Mango stores in Rome and I never thought I could shop there, but the brand has suddenly become so much more accessible and in fact attractive to me and hopefully other brands will follow suit.

One thing I do have to comment is that considering the range runs to a size 24, when I spot checked the dresses range I could only find up to a 22 on quite a few, I'd be interested to find out why that would be the case and is not necessarily a criticism but more of an observation. 

What do you guys think of the collection? What would you be interested to see added?

Thanks for reading! Love Sally X


  1. This is good news as I love Mango, however the range seems a little drab sort of like the older women wear in the next catalogue? Still - a step in the right direction!

    1. I'd be interested to see how the range develops, I think it could have some more vivid younger pieces :) x

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  3. Black dress is gorgeous! It really suits you and you look beautiful wearing it! :)

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