Friday 31 January 2014

Tanya Burr's Exclusive Collection for FeelUnique

Just arrived

Hey Guys!

The day has finally arrived of the make up collection launch for one of my favourite Youtubers, Tanya Burr, made by Eye Candy and supplied exclusively via with a launch onto the high street in the near future. I absolutely love watching her videos and I always keep up to date on her, Zoe and Louise's adventures. I was so excited to hear that echoing Sam Chapman with her Real Techniques collection, Tanya has brought out a range of nail polishes and lip glosses AND at an affordable price point!

First up are the nail polishes, there are a total of 10 in the collection and you get 12ml of product for a very reasonable £5.99. The packaging is a simple bottle with a glossy black lid and the branding is a Tanya Burr signature on the front with a cute heart. 

Nail Polish

top row l-r : Be Bright, Be Happy / Riding Hood / Little Duck
bottom row l-r : Midnight Sparkles / Mini Marshmallows / Mischief Managed / New York Night / Peaches & Cream / Penguin Chic / Bright and Early

The three shades that immediately take my fancy have to be Little Duck (a pale green/mint/duck egg shade), Penguin Chic (a taupe/grey) and Peaches & Cream (a light peach as you would expect) but all of the colours look stunning and wearable.

Next up are the lipglosses, there are 12 different colours (5 shimmer and 7 cream) which are £6.99 each for 8ml of product. The packaging is the same style as the nail polishes with the signature branding and glossy black lid. Again price wise I think that's pretty reasonable and in line with most drug store brands like Rimmel, Maybelline or Bourjois. 

Tanya Burr Make Up Sneak Peek
Picture Credit : link!

All of the swatches I have seen for the glosses look really lovely and pigmented and can be viewed over on Katie's blog here. I like that there is a good range of colours and the two different textures for variety. I feel drawn to Exotic Island which is a gorgeous purple and is different from my usual pale shades I gravitate towards.

My initial thoughts on this collection are all really positive and I can't wait to try them out for myself. What do you guys think? Do any products take your fancy?

Thanks for reading! 
Love Sally X

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