Friday 19 April 2013

Get one step ahead this summer

Happy Friday everyone!

Summer seems to bring with it a whole host of events that can often require new outfits. I’ve picked out some of my favourite shoes for s/s 2013 and given an idea of how and where I’d love to wear them:


BBQs are one of my favourite parts of summer, I  love getting together with friends and family and being outside so long you see it turn from day to night. They are really popular all the way through the summer so I’d want to be wearing something comfortable and that I can wear all day. Pumps are great for this as they’re so comfy and they come with so many different styles and patterns that you can vary them up. I love a nice floral print in summer especially teamed with some denim shorts for a great casual look.


Wellies are a given (unfortunately), don’t get me wrong wellies come in some amazing styles these days but the last thing you want at a festival is rain. I always try to be as optimistic as possible and plan for sun, although this has backfired on me before. However if you are praying for sun at a festival I would say trainers are my ultimate shoe. Anyone who has been to one knows that you don’t want to be carrying a lot so I try to take as little as possible, which isn’t easy. It’s great if you think about your outfits beforehand and then you can literally just take those rather than taking loads of clothes you won’t wear. There are some great outfit ideas in this post and all are perfect to be paired with a pair of retro high-tops. Gold or silver would be my choice but they come in so many different colours making them perfect for summer. You can dance all day in them and if the heavens should open at least you’re not getting caught in the rain in sandals.


I never need an excuse to attend a party but it is great in summer because of all the colours that are available (it feels so good to get out of black sometimes). I can never resist a pair of killer heels so of course that is going to be choice for a party especially in summer – if you’re in a dress they will make your legs look like they go on for miles! I really like to experiment with different materials as well as colours so metallic or suede is great. I would probably keep the dress simple though so I could let the shoes make a statement and have a great clutch bag to go with them. If you’re feeling daring try a clutch in a contrasting shade to your shoes to really stand out.


Almost as common as BBQs in summer are weddings. It makes perfect sense really, the bride is never going to want to risk rain on her big day. I think any sort of formal occasion in summer whether it be a wedding or a day at the races is the perfect opportunity for open toe shoes or sandals. I always feel like I never really get a chance to wear these so I look forward to anything that provides the opportunity. They’re elegant and sophisticated whilst still being really summery and have just enough heel to make you look nice without being in serious pain at the end of the day.

I hope you like my choices and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

 Love Sally X

This is a post in collaboration with House of Fraser/Aldo, all thoughts and opinions are my own as always.



  1. Hello lovely lady :D thank you for your comment! sorry for taking a long time to get back to you and I am guessing you are an F1 fan too?! :D I can't wait for the rain this weekend! I live where summer is all year round and I love your choices, especially the pump and heels for the wedding :D I need a good flats for everyday...and I use to not like flats :P Have a great weekend!


  2. Goodness! Those blue shoes! I'm such a sucker for bright colourful things...
    I've also nominated you for a Liebster Award!


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