Tuesday 4 June 2013

Blog Goals before The Human Mannequin turns 1

Hi All, 

So I've been seeing a lot of blog birthdays on my feed lately (including Big Fat Betty and Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat who are running giveaways to celebrate so go check them out) and it got me thinking about my blog and blog related things I want to achieve before it's first birthday on 31st December.

The list I have so far includes:

  1. Start a Youtube channel alongside my blog
  2. Get the hang of Instagram and post pictures regularly
  3. Go back to doing regular OOTD's 
  4. Get more involved in the plus size community, attend some networking events etc
  5. Take part in a blog every day for a month challenge
  6. Set up the online vintage plus size boutique I have such big dreams for
  7. Do features on different "fad diets" each month recording the results achieved and any side effects
  8. Do a giveaway when I reach say 50 followers on Bloglovin or 1k on Twitter
Some of these are already being planned/worked on and others are going to need research and will take a bit longer but I am confident 31st December 2013 I will have achieved all of my targets and I think it will be really good for my blog to have a bit more of a direction.

So far my posts have been a bit of a mish mash with beauty, fashion, travel etc but I really want to focus on the plus size aspect as I feel that is what makes the blog more unique as there are really not that many plus size bloggers in the UK but hundreds of beauty/fashion ones who do what they do far better than I ever could. It's going to be a learning curve and I completely accept that it takes time to really find yourself with your blog and work out what you enjoy writing about the most and I am going to enjoy it every step of the way.

I would appreciate any tips on improving the blog and suggestions of things you would like to see from me so please comment below if you can help :)

Thanks for reading, love Sally x


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