Saturday 6 April 2013

Dainty Doll Powder Blushes

Hi All, 

Recently I bought a haul of Dainty Doll products on sale on they were 80% off and only £1.99 which is obviously a total bargain! I've been curious about the brand, created by Nicola Roberts specifically for pale girls and am really excited to try out a range of products.

First I will start with the powder blushes and the other products will follow in separate posts to keep them short and concise.

Top L-R: My Girl, You Are My Sunshine
Bottom L-R: Hippy Shake, Money Talks

First of all the packaging is really cute, very vintage and retro looking but classy and the compacts are simple black with a mirror. The compact does attract fingerprints and marks which leaves it looking grubby quite quickly which is a shame but I bought it for the product inside so not a huge issue for me. Another slight issue is that the compacts only have the number of the blush and not the names. You get 7g of product inside, for comparison Mac powder blushes are 6g so you are getting more product for a fraction of the price. But how good are they? Swatch time!

Top to bottom: Hippy Shake (lilac), Money Talks (tan/bronze), You Are My Sunshine (pink/gold),
 My Girl (pink)

The pigmentation is good, a creamy texture, blends well and the colours are pretty. I can't ever see a use for Hippy Shake which is a lilacy white and blends just to a sheer white but the other 3 are really quite nice and I can see myself getting use out of them. I would put them on a similar level to my Look Beauty blushes and think they are a bargain at £1.99 but wouldn't have paid the full price if i'm honest. 

I hope you enjoyed the review and thanks for reading. Love Sally X


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