Saturday 20 September 2014

Everything Is Just Peachy

Hey Everyone!

Today I have an outfit of the day for you, possibly one of my favourites yet in terms of the actual clothing featured. I've had this dress a while, I bought it back when Simply Be had Sprinkle of Glitter do the lookbook video that I fell crazy in love with and pretty much bought every entire look featured.  I do have a habit of doing that every once in a while, I'll see an entire collection and obsess over it and just buy the whole thing *cough Cut for Evans*. 

Anyway, my ridiculous spending habits aside, today I am showing you my latest "go to" dress. You know when you have that one dress that instantly makes you feel confident when you put it on, you know it looks good and it flatters you and it just shows on your face and you can't stop smiling. Well my previous "go to" dress was this one:

But this gorgeous peach number has overtaken it!
Where do I begin on reasons I love it so much?

 The colour is just so flattering for me for a start, it matches my makeup and complexion perfectly.

It's the perfect length, neither too long or too short, it nips you in at the waist but then flares out with a netted skirt built in to give you volume. 

And isn't the lace just so delicate and pretty with the detailing to the hemline.

I paired my outfit with this lovely bag from Marisota

and baby pink pumps from New Look

and a little heart necklace from a car boot sale (I do love a bargain!)

It looks perfect on the cute sweetheart neckline with mesh detail.

I think I've made it quite obvious how much I am in love with this dress, come night or day it is a total winner for me and I totally recommend trying one on yourself and having a twirl in front of the mirror. 

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments and I'd also love to see links to your current "go to" dresses. Let's share some love for some great clothes!

Thanks for reading! Love Sally X



  1. It's beautiful! You look so pretty :)


  2. Love the dress its so pretty... looks awesome!

  3. Love the peachy lace with the black tights - lovely photos - well done! keep smiling!

  4. Love the peach dress and tights. They are perfect together

  5. Lovely dress! It would be perfect for me in the spring! i love your hair as well it's so long! I just have short thin hair :( can you maybe do a grow your hair quick tutorial / review? x


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