Tuesday 10 June 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide

Hey Everyone!

So Father's Day is very quickly approaching and I am going to share with you some cracking gifts recommended to me when I did a Twitter shoutout for ideas (I wouldn't even know where to start). There are a few different price points and types of gifts, so this should hopefully give you some ideas at least. 

First we have these gorgeous, brightly coloured classic mugs from Herdy. They are bone china and handmade/hand decorated in England's Staffordshire Potteries. They retail at a grand price of £11 and would make a lovely gift. I would fill them up with my dad's favourite sweets and wrap them in cellophane with a ribbon for cute wrapping suggestion. 

Next up is the men's Shampoo and Conditioner from www.hairyjaynehandmade.co.uk. The shampoo is sulfate free and both have been handmade with natural ingredients and fragranced with essential oils. They are perfect for deep cleaning the hair and re-strengthening it, both retail at £10 each for 250ml of product. These would make a great practical gift and are perfect for weaker hair which comes with age (or so I'm told!).

Then we have The Vintage Sayings Mugs from Jin Designs. These add a bit of humour with sayings like "no spring chicken" and "seen better days" and all are hand decorated fine bone china. The RRP is £12 each or you can get the set of 4 for £40, they also have matching tea towels for £10 each. I like that these are a cheeky twist on a classic, good quality mug, a simple practical and useful.

Next up is a luxury experience which you can share with your dad, a lovely afternoon tea at the Milestone Hotel opposite Kensington Palace in London. 

I have included the description from the hotel for your perusal!

Open to both ladies and gentlemen, the afternoon tea will incorporate mostly savoury items popular with the palates of men. What’s more, tea can be served with Ale or Whisky Flight options.

Favourites such as mini home made pork pies, mini Cornish pasties and mini toad in the hole have been created to satisfy the generous appetites of the busy Gentleman. For those wanting a more ‘manly’ scone, maple-cured bacon scones will be served with truffle butter in addition to the traditional scones with clotted cream and preserve.

Finger sandwiches are filled with rare sirloin beef and horseradish, honey roast ham and English mustard and cream cheese and smoked salmon.

The sweet tooth has not been forsaken but combined with tantalising liquors such as cupcakes with whisky cream cheese frosting, brandy soaked berries tart and chocolate and orange liqueur torte.

The experiences range between £39.50 and £59.50 which I think is pretty good for some really tasty food in a nice setting.

Now finally we have a really cool little product called Black & White wax, it has quite a celebrity following (James Dean, Johnny Depp and ELVIS to name a few). It is a styling/sculpting wax that is pretty versatile, you can either have a long lasting all day look or it's remouldable properties let you change up your style throughout the day. 

Also women can use it too, the PR was kind enough to send me a sample which I will review separately for you, I am hoping to recreate some gorgeous Marilyn Monroe waves so keep an eye out for that. This product is the cheapest in the guide and comes in at £4.99 for 50ml which is pretty reasonable.

So, those are some of the ideas, now let me know in the comments what you are thinking of getting your father this year. 

Thanks for reading, love Sally X


  1. Love the cups! I wanted to stop by and let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    Happy Blogging xx

  2. my favourite were the mugs with sheep on them!

  3. The afternoon tea option sounds wonderful! I like that they've put a bit of a twist on it :) xxx

    1. Same, it's probably my favourite out of the options :) x


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