Saturday 7 June 2014

The Magnificent 7th - Replicate an outfit from your favourite celebrity

Hey Everyone, 

This month we were set the challenge of recreating an outfit from our favourite celebrity. For me this was a total no-brainer, I am in love with Victoria Beckham who is pretty much one of the best known style icons! I had to do it and I knew just what dress to feature.

Now you will have seen me teasing you on Twitter about my version of the VB tent dress.

My version is this beauty from Simply Be for a hell of a bargain compared to the cost for the VB one (£55) :

They aren't exactly the same, obviously, and I don't think I could pass as Victoria (as much as it pains me to say) but I have taken the elements of the textured drop waist dress and shown how this translates into plus size.

Here is how I wore it!

I teamed it with my Rocco bag and sunnies I got free with this months Cosmo, they're actually quite nice, I would recommend them anyway and they come in 3 different styles. Have a look when you're next in Sainsbury's! 

I am in love with this dress, I just think it suits me so well in terms of the pattern and texture and the fit is altogether quite flattering. I would recommend sizing up for a true oversized look if that's what you're going for as the dress fits true to size.  

Here it is from the back, there is a concealed zip and you can see the dipped hemline at the back which covers your backside just perfect! 

I can't wait to see the other ladies' posts, I really like challenges where you replicate a celebrity but make it accessible particularly to plus size. It just further shows the amount of options we have available to us.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check the other lovely bloggers out on the links below.

Love Sally X

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  1. Oh my goodness.... how have I not spotted this dress before its gorgeous! It looks so nice on, might have to pop into town and try it on. You look great x

    1. Thanks lovely! And defo try it on, it will look fab on you x

  2. I know it's not exactly the topic of this post but I adore your hair! I wish mine could be that long without going completely flat :(

    P.S. Check out my blog

    1. Thanks hun! I love my hair too, it took years to get to this point but so worth it! I'll see if I can sort out a post on hair routines etc x

  3. The dress is lovely and your new blog design is beautiful! x


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