Monday 1 July 2013

Miss Patisserie Review

Hi Everyone! 

Monday for me is generally a really dull day spent mourning the weekend but this morning I thought I would do a bright and cheery post to snap out of it.

Today I am going to be talking about a brand that I recently came across called Miss Patisserie. The company started in 2009 by Charlotte Ridgewell based on a love of beauty and bath products, beautiful illustration, patisseries and boulangeries and her pugs Louey & Vinny. I have to say the beautiful illustration certainly comes across with the website design and packaging which is visually stunning, a elegant mix of vintage and girly glamour. Also as a fellow pug owner I go mad for any products with pugs on them!

The company started in Charlotte's kitchen with the infamous "bath bake" and grew from there to a much bigger kitchen with a team of chefs! All products are handmade, of a high quality and not tested on animals and they sell a range including bath melts, cupcake bath bakes, lip balms, fizzy lollies, fizzy slices and bubble bath biscuits. Awesome yes?

So let's get into the products that I received to review for you guys!

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First of all we have the Sugar Heart mini bath bake 70g / £4.50. As you can see the packaging is exquisite and the box design is so cute!

To use the product you just peel off the wrapper like you would a normal cupcake and drop it in your bath. Once the base has dissolved in the water you can use the topping as an exfoliator which I found worked really well for my skin leaving it soft and smelling great afterwards.

Next we have the Lemon Bay and Lavender macaroon bath melts 70g / £2 each

Lemon Bay is described on the site as having sweet & citrus notes of lemon & mango along with spun sugar & cream which I would say definitely comes across resulting is deliciously fresh  scent. Lavender of course is a well known scent that's delicate, calming and perfect for relaxation in the bath tub. You can use either a half or the whole bath melt, I chose to use half to make them last that bit longer and found that to be enough to get the melt experience. You just drop the melt in the bath and it will dissolve releasing the aroma and a range of skin loving ingredients including cocoa shea nut butter which really helped moisturise and soften my skin.

I also got the Sweet Orange Balm which smells gorgeous and glides onto my lips conditioning them with a subtle sheen. The product contains mango butter, coconut and jojoba oil and sweet orange essential oil and can also be used on the cuticles which I shall give a go!

I really enjoyed the products I got from Miss Patisserie and would definitely recommend you check out the site to take a look for yourself and swoon over the illustrations and pretty products. It's quite literally a bath bakery and everything looks good enough to eat (don't though!).

Thanks for reading! Love Sally X


  1. I have some miss patisserie products to try out but after reading your review I feel that i am going to love and the enjoy the products even more, i just cannot handle the cuteness of the packaging!

    lovely blog :) new follower :)

    1. You are guaranteed to love them, trust me!! I have kept the empty boxes for the cupcakes to store rings/hairbands in, too cute to throw away!! x


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