Thursday 11 July 2013

Clovelly Soap Company Review

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a nice week in the sun.

Today I am bringing to you a review of two products that I was sent to try out from the Clovelly Soap Company.

The Clovelly Soap Company is ran by the lovely Sarah Harper who had made soaps for over 9 years starting in her kitchen and now in a craft studio in her barn conversion. The company sells a selection of handmade soap, natural confetti, wedding favours and also runs soapmaking workshops which I would love to take part in one day.

The two soaps I received are the cinnamon & oat and honey & oat varieties and both come wrapped in beautiful vintage print paper with classy labels. They both weigh 100g and retail at £4 each, however a half size bar (50g) is available at only £2.

Here is a shot of the soaps unwrapped to give an indication of the texture but I will go further into this below.

The first soap I am going to talk about is the Cinnamon & Oat scented soap.

The soap is lightly scented with cinammon powder and has a bumpy texture due to the oats which provide exfoliation of the skin. I found this product to be particularly good on my legs leaving them nice and soft without the need for greasy moisturisers. 

The honey and oat variety offered the same exfoliation and moisturising experience, however is unscented so just smells clean! I know some people may prefer this, but I would say my favourite was the cinammon as I do like a nice light scent.

The soaps are made by hand by the traditional cold process method using olive oil, coconut oil and sustainable palm oil. I have touched on my thoughts on palm oil in a previous post however Sarah was able to assure me that their supplier is a member of the round table for palm oil production who are a collective of growers and buyers working to make the industry more sustainable for the future which I think is great.

I was also able to obtain a few images of the soap making process from Sarah which I will include now in a little timeline to give an idea of the work that goes into making the soaps. 

First the ingredients are sourced, weighed and measured. Ingredients will include ground oats, glycerine, olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, various essential oils, herbs and botanicals. 

Then the ingredients are poured in a big pan to be melted to liquid form and mixed together to form a mixture ready for the next stage...

The mixture is then poured into lined moulds to cure and harden for 4-6 weeks

The set soaps are then turned out onto greaseproof paper to dry out and once dry are then ready to be cut to size.

Each soap bar is then sliced up into the individual sizes ready to be packaged up and sold

Creating a beautiful end product!

I hope you liked my post and thanks for reading. Love Sally X


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