Wednesday 3 July 2013

Cotswold Handmade Soap Review

Hi Everyone.

Today I am going to be doing a review of the goats milk, oatmeal & orange and the ginger & lemongrass soaps that I received to try out from

Cotswold Handmade Soap was started in 2010 by Sue Collins who was inspired to learn soap making from a TV programme. The company sells online, at craft fairs and also at farmers markets and is known for their vegetable oil soaps, using natural ingredients and no preservatives. 

So let's jump straight into my review!

The soaps each come hand wrapped and labelled and are freshly cut to order.

First up is the ginger & lemongrass soap, introduced in November 2012 this is the most popular soap they sell. The delicious blend of the citrusy fresh lemon and the ginger which is more deep and spicy work perfectly together and it is no wonder this particular variety is so well received. The texture is creamy when lathered, moisturising, cleansing and the lemongrass has anti bacterial properties all of which are benefiting your skin and it's appearance.

Next is the goat's milk, oatmeal & orange soap, it is described on the website as perfect for dry hands and skin problems so sounds perfect for me as I do suffer from dry skin in patches. When I tried the product I found it to be a very gentle formulation, lathering up nicely and I definitely felt the product had added moisture to my hands and they felt softer. The scent is gorgeous but not overpowering and the oatmeal goes really nicely with the fresh orange. 

I am really happy with my experience of these products and would recommend you check out their full range on for more information.

Thanks for reading!

Love Sally X


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