Tuesday 30 July 2013

Lenny's Soap Review

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to be sharing with you my experience of Lenny's Soap which is a small scale craft business run by the lovely Leanne in the Scottish Lowlands. The website sells soaps, bath bombs, truffles, salts and more, all of which are handmade by Leanne personally.

First of all I am going to review the super cute ice cream bath truffles. You receive three 40g truffles for £3.50 and you only need one per bath so that's around £1.10 per bath which isn't bad at all. The truffles are made with sweet almond oil to soften the skin and smell amazing, really sweet and sugary. Once you drop the truffle into the bath it dissolves completely and releases the scent which I could smell on me after I had go out of the bath. 

I also received 3 soaps, 1 full size and 2 sample sized in goats milk & ylang ylang, parma violet and patchouli sandalwood ylang ylang. Full size soaps retail at £3.00.

The soaps are packaged in a really cute vintage style and would look lovely as gifts.

I used the sample sizes to take with me for a couple of weekends away and got plenty of use out of them, the parma violet one made me feel particularly nostalgic as they used to be my favourite sweets! The soaps are all of a high quality giving your skin a cleansed and refreshed feel and use ingredients with softening properties. 

Leanne also included pictures from the making process of her gardening soap to show you guys!

Firstly we have the ingredients being added, there are 5 different oils, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, hemp oil and castor oil

The oils are heated until they reach the desired temperature, the lye is mixed with water and when both are at the right temperature they are mixed until they reach trace

Once trace is reached you can add any extra and essential oil, with this soap seaweed and poppy seeds and essential oil lemongrass and rosemary is added. The soap is then poured into a mould and left for 24 - 48 hours to set

The soap is then cut into the desired size and left for a further 28 day to cure. During this time the lye and oils saponify to create glycerine.

Resulting in a fantastic end result!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed testing the products and many thanks to Leanne for collaborating.

Thanks for reading! Love Sally X


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