Tuesday 31 May 2016

Interior Design Trends for 2016

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Today is going to be a lifestyle themed post and we are going to be talking all about interiors and trends for 2016 inspired by this article. Baytree Interiors have come up with suggestions of things set to be big in the interior world this year and here are some examples!


Placing lights strategically around a room is a great way to change up the ambience and it can be really cheap and easy to do. Things like LED lights are catching on in line with a shift towards "mood lighting" and filament bulbs are great for providing a warm glow to give that Instagram perfect, vintage look to a room.

Colour Choices

Changing up the colours of your walls is one of the most quick and effective ways to change up the appearance of your rooms for a low cost. Moving away from the more generic magnolia and whites in 2016 there is more of an embrace of pastels as a subtle hint of colour or as an alternative having an accent wall of a block colour to break up the room and give a focal point.


Classic country style furniture is still really on trend with a lean towards colourful pieces as focal points and to mix up the contrasts of a room. Furniture paints are becoming more popular and readily available which also means you can repurpose furniture you already have to save on the cost of buying things completely new. Mixing up different styles of both antique and more modern furniture is something that has been really popular for the past few years and will continue to be in 2016, a great way to be a bit different would be doing something like antique furniture with modern or industrial style fixtures and fittings for a minimalistic look.

I hope you liked this post, let me know which interior trends you are following this year in the comments below!

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