Thursday 18 February 2016

Cadbury Milk Tray - Mother's Day Gift Idea

Hey Guys!

This is the first instalment in my Mother's Day Gifting Ideas series and thought it would be a great idea to start with a classic being the Cadbury Milk Tray.* It was introduced into the UK back in 1915 and is a nation's favourite.The purple packaging is iconic and the pink pattern around the sides looks so pretty to give as a gift and you can see from my photo above complimented the gift bag nicely!

The Cadbury Milk tray* have a selection of different chocolates, so there is something for everyone and they are suitable for vegetarians.
Caramel Softy - Milk chocolate matched with it's caramel sweetheart
Hazelnut Swirl - Whole roasted hazelnut in a whirl of milk chocolate
Surprise Parcel - A white chocolate truffle wrapped in milk chocolate
Strawberry Temptation - Delicious real strawberry fondant covered in milk chocolate
Orange Truffle - Milk chocolate truffle with an orange twist
Salted Caramel Charm - Chewy caramel with a touch of salt enrobed in smooth milk chocolate
Truffle Heart - Smooth chocolate truffle, locked in a milk chocolate heart
Apple Crunch - Apple flavour white chocolate truffle with cinnamon crunch
Fudge Duet - Vanilla flavour fudge covered with milk chocolate
Perfect Praline - Hazelnut praline encased in a milk chocolate gem

My favourite chocolate is Surprise Parcel as I adore the white chocolate. All of the chocolates have the original creamy Cadbury milk taste which is scrumptious. Let me know in the comments sections below if you have a favourite!

They are available in supermarkets to buy now, a link to them on Cadbury website below:

Thanks for reading! Love Sally x


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  1. Milk tray always reminds me of being a kid, Maybe I used to sneak one too chocolates from my mum! xx


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