Thursday 11 February 2016

Brewed With Love - Meantime Raspberry Wheat Beer

Hey Guys!

Today I'm bringing you another Valentine's Day gift idea and just a generally really nice, tasty drink I wanted to tell you about.

Meantime Brewing do a delicious Raspberry Wheat Beer* that is based on a pale, lightly hopped wheat beer but with added fruitiness and the aroma from the fresh raspberry puree during maturation. 

It would be absolutely perfect to pair with a tasty Valentine's dinner (post on that is to come!) or equally as good of an evening with some goat's cheese, pate or a box of truffles. 

You could also use it as an ingredient in things like desserts and there is a sorbet recipe on the Meantime website that looks delicious, check it out here!

I would thoroughly recommend giving the raspberry wheat beer a try and if you do let me know what you thought below. You can purchase bottles via their e-store: and a case of 12 330ml bottles will only set you back £21.99.

I hope you enjoyed this post/review and thanks for reading!

Love Sally X

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