Monday 24 August 2015

SEQuaderma Skincare Solutions

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Today I am going to be talking all about the SEQuaderma Skin Solution products* and how they can really benefit your skin and achieve great results.

The brand are driven by science and are all about improving the quality of people's lives through using the high technology of nanophysics to create fantastic healthcare products that can help with really tricky conditions such as redness prone skin and acne prone skin.

Today we are looking at the five different solutions they have launched and are available exclusively from Lloyds Pharmacy, both in store and online. There is currently 25% off which the voucher code SEQ25 online so do use that if it is still active at the point of purchase, normally the products are a reasonable £17.99 - £22.99 which I'd say is an accessible price point for specialist skincare.

First is the Ageing Thinning Skin solution.

It can be used to treat choronological ageing, photo ageing and skin thinning and is perfect for reducing wrinkles, firmer skin, smoother skin, plumper skin and healthier skin.

The results give close to a 20% reduction in wrinkle volume and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after 8 weeks of treatment. 

Next is the Red Irritated Scaly Skin solution.

It can be used to treat seborrhoeic dermatitis and is clinically proven, dermatologically tested, delivers nutrients to the skin to support natural skin function and is suitable for long term use/ use alongside any prescription drugs. 

The results show that over 70% of users experienced a reduction in the severity of their symptoms after just 3 weeks of use and assessors judged that over 85% of people that tested this product improved in general across symptoms such as redness, swelling, flaking, weeping, blistering and skin erosion cause by excess oil. Over 20% of people were "clear" and no longer had any symptoms of the condition and close to 80% felt their own appearance had improved. Sorry for the information overload, but I think these statistics are really encouraging and back up that this product is highly effective.

Next let's talk about the Red Dry Itchy Skin solution.

It can be used to treat atopic and hand eczema and is clinically proven, dermatologically tested, helps to avoid new flare ups, supports the skin's own repair mechanism, delivers nutrients to the skin to improve natural skin function and is suitable for long term use/ use alongside prescription drugs. 

The results show that after 3 weeks of use 75% of users showed a reduction in the severity of their symptoms and over 70% of atopic eczema sufferers felt their own appearance had improved. As an eczema sufferer myself this cream was of particular interest as it is the most frustrating skin condition to treat and is deeply uncomfortable. I can add to the results above by saying that after 4 weeks of use my eczema patches have close to cleared up and feel so much better to what they were when they were flaring up.

Now let's move on to acne prone skin.

This product can be used to treat skin with blackheads, impurities and blemishes and features include targeted and effective anti-microbial action, reduction of further spread of infections, tightening and constricting of pores and sebum clearance and anti-microbial action clears spots and prevents recurrence. 

This product works but reducing excess sebum by up to 55% which means the secretion wont be trapping dirt and bacteria which are the most common causes of spots and acne. I think this cream will be particularly good for teens as a drug-free way to treat acne, each 30g bottle provides up to 15 days treatment if it is applied twice daily and at 2 pumps per application but will last longer for smaller areas.

Lastly we have the Redness Prone Skin solution.

This is a product dear to my heart as a sufferer of facial redness, I should highlight that this cream doesn't in any way claim to cover up rosacea but it does address the symptoms. The cream is made with the intention of actually treating the conditions rather focusing on concealing it which is something I have done for years myself using makeup. 

It can be used to treat background redness, flushing, temporary redness and the incidences of thread veins. This solution is clinically proven, dematologically tested, ideal for adult skin susceptible to facial redness, suitable for long term use and use alongside drugs. Results show that 80% of people reported improvements in a primary or secondary symptom of rosacea after 4 weeks. 

I would say that my skin has calmed down in terms of redness and it has given me confidence in posting selfies on instagram make up free where you can't see barely any redness at all. I'm so excited to see how after more uses my skin further improves.

I hope you found the information on this range useful, I think the technology they use and scientific approach to common skin problems is fantastic and it's amazing to see a brand so customer centric, that want to make our everyday lives that bit better by helping with things like eczema that can be highly irritating (both to the skin and in general!!) and rosacea that can really damage your confidence.

If you would like to check them out head over to the SEQuaderma website to read up more on their products and if you would like to make a purchase pop over to Lloyds Pharmacy website or instore for the full range and don't forget to use the code above online while it lasts.

If you suffer from any of the conditions discussed, leave me a comment, I'd love to hear how you have treated them and results you've achieved.

Thanks for reading. 

Love Sally X 

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  1. This range really sounds promising as your experience with the products are concerned but you have not mentioned prices. However I think it is also possible to achieve these results faser with chemical face peel treatment.


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