Thursday 20 August 2015

Nakd Fruit & Nut Nibbles

Hey Everyone!

Today I am back with a review of a selection of yummy treats from Nakd.

I have seven different flavours of their Fruit & Nut Nibbles* and will tell you what I thought of each one and which were my favourites. Each variety is made with all-natural ingredients such as dried fruits and nuts with no added sugar. They are also wheat, dairy and gluten free so a great sweet treat for anyone with those intolerances alongside vegans and vegetarians who can also have these.

Now the flavours!

Tooty Fruity

As you would expect they taste really fruity, particularly the pineapple flavour comes through when you bite in with a pleasant tropical vibe.  

Mint Humbug

I thought the mint was an interesting flavour, it works well with the fruit and nuts and isn't overpowering. It definitely adds a little something and is overall very pleasant.

Fruit Salad

These taste really reminiscent of the old school pic and mix fruit salads, deliciously sweet and tropical.

Strawberries & Cream

This one I found really interesting, despite containing no dairy the creamy taste was very convincing and the strawberry flavour was just divine, I really liked this one and would definitely have it again.

Coconut Bliss

Appearance wise these are slightly different to the others as the dessicated coconut gives them a speckled look which at a glance reminds me a lot of my favourite chocolate truffles (though the speckle on those is sugar!). The coconut flavour is really nice and comes through well amongst the other ingredients.

Salted Caramel

I really liked this one, I'm a self confessed owner of a sweet tooth for caramel/chocolate snacks so this was right up my street. The caramel flavour was really tasty and I'm sure much healthier than me munching through my normal helpings!

Toffee Treat

These were gorgeous, a strong toffee flavour but without the ultra tough consistency. I would have these again without a doubt.

I hope you liked this review, I really enjoyed taste testing all the different flavours and think they make great healthy treats! If you want to read up on them more you can visit their website: and if you buy online there is free standard UK delivery, freebies in each order and you can access the full range of products with online promotions and discounts as well.

Thanks for reading and let me know in a comment below your favourite flavour if you have tried them before.

Love Sally X



  1. I keep meaning to try these! Really want to try the toffee and coconut ones (who am I kidding, I want to try them all haha)

    Kathryn |


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