Thursday 27 August 2015

Fabulous Treats for your Pooch Pals!

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Today is a fun pet themed post for those of you looking to pamper your pooch friends!

The products I will be reviewing are:

Pooch and Mutt Calm and Relaxed Treats for Dogs* 125g , Pack of 3, Currently priced at £7.18

Tastybone Gourmet Edible Chicken*, Currently priced at £4.99

Beco Things Natural Friendly Pet Bone Toy*, 12cm, Blue, Currently priced at £3.99

Stockist details:

Prices are correct at time of going to print and apply to purchases from For latest prices, please visit

Here is what we thought!

Now Pooch & Mutt are already a favourite in my household, we reviewed their calm & relaxed dry dog food here back in April and it went down so well with our frenchies so I was really excited to try out the treat versions.

Each cannister in the photo above contains approximately 150 mini bones and totals 125g in weight. The calm & relaxed variety include lamb, chamomile and l-tryptophan among their ingredients which help aid relaxation and are perfect to give your pet before stressful situations like a visit to the vet or a car journey. 

As predicted Miley really liked these and I did feel that she behaved better in the car than normal, sitting patiently rather than wanting to get up and run around causing chaos!

Next let's talk about the appropriately named Tastybone, which is one of the fanciest bones I think have ever graced our household! The flavour we received is chicken cordon bleu and from their gourmet range. The bone is completely edible and safe to ingest and has the benefit of satisfying their instinct to chew, making their teeth stronger and gums healthier. 

I love the way that the bone is packaged and positioned as a luxury, gourmet treat and I get a very premium feel for the product. I gave this one to Frank to try out and he has been going at it enthusiastically for a few days now and still looking strong. I looked online and there look to be venison, duck, beef wellington and pheasant varieties which sound great and I will have to try out with my little buddies in the future!

Lastly, we have another bone, but completely different to the one before. The Beco bone is made from natural rubber and rice husk with a tough and bouncy texture. It is a toy designed for your dog to chew on and play with but can also be used to store treats inside as an added bonus. Interestingly the bone is vanilla scented which I thought was really nice and all four of my french bulldogs have played with it and really like it, sniffing and chewing it loads and they go crazy when I put treats inside!

I hope this fab selection gives you some food for thought next time you are browsing for fun things for your doggies. 

Thanks for reading!

Love Sally X

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