Thursday 30 October 2014

Skeletons in the Closet

Hey Everyone!

Just one day to go until Halloween is here and this mini series concludes (sob).

Today features this lovely skeleton dress from Boohoo which as you have probably guessed is sold out and no longer on the site to link. There are some similar ones on Ebay though so check that out if you're looking for a discounted version. 

The sizing is a bit strange, it's really baggy on the arms but fits about normal everywhere else. I had to gather the sleeves together at the wrist to try and get a tighter look but I've never had this issue before, maybe the pattern the dress was cut from is off proportion wise. I would say sizing down is probably a good idea.

The dress itself is pretty nice, the pattern is cool, it's long sleeved and also a good length so it's all good on that front. 

All in all I'm relatively happy with my purchase, aside from the arms issue, and I will be featuring another look from Boohoo tomorrow which is my favourite of the series. 

See you tomorrow and stay spooky!

Sally X


  1. Great costume!!!
    Have not heard about Boohoo but now I know until next year ^^

    Z ♥

    1. Yeah it's definitely a good place for cheap halloween bits! You have to get them quick though as they sell out way too fast x

  2. Trouble is: Your're smiling and don't scare me. You should have posed with a scary face. ;-)

    1. Lol! This is true, I could have gone all out with some scary expressions!! x

  3. I am going to be a skeleton as well... I "borrowed" a costume from my hubby :-)

  4. This is amazing!! :) I love it. Hope your having a great Halloween :D xx


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