Monday 13 March 2017


Hi Guys,

I am reviewing one of my favourite subjects today, tea from a company called Oteas. 

Oteas is a British tea company and their blends only contain whole leaf teas, herbs, flowers, spice and other natural ingredients. You can pick from either loose leaf tea or tea in bio-degradable tea pyramids. 

I received  one of their 12 tea gift boxes*, you can choose from either a Pick & Mix of blends or a set selection and they also do larger gift boxes containing 24 teas.

I like the transparent packaging as you can clearly see what teas you have and I also think the graphics look really appealing great for if giving as a gift. Let's take a better look what teas I have in my gift set!

Black tea with apricot
Red berry dream tea
Mango mint tea
Liquorice tea
Oriental pearl tea
Green tea with jasmine
Chamomile flowers tea
Berry blend tea
Earl grey tea
Goji berry, vanilla & strawberry tea
Shanghai Chai
Lemon, ginger & cinnamon tea

All come on the back with the ingredients, brewing time and what water temperature to use. 

My favourite I've tried is the black tea with apricot, you could really smell the apricot when brewing and tasted sweet and refreshing.

I hope you enjoyed this post, which of these tea flavours do you think you would like the most? Let me know in the comment below.

Love Sally x


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