Saturday 4 March 2017

English Tea Shop

Hi Guys!

Today I want to talk to you about one of my passions, tea! I'm a massive tea enthusiast, I drink tea everyday and love trying all types and flavours! So I was so excited when I was offered the chance to feature English Tea Shop tea* on my blog! I have tried English Tea Shop once before, I received last Christmas one of their festive flavours in Gingerbread Man that I loved and was so sad when it ran out.

So firstly a little about the brand, English Tea Shop have been sourcing great quality, organic sustainable tea from Sri Lanka since 2010. They have a factory in Sri Lanka too where a team of experts combine the tea to create just the right balance of yummy flavours and are then hand packed to help reduced their carbon footprint. 

I'm going to now show you one of their gift tins perfect for Mother's Day with it's oh so pretty pink patterned tin called The English Tea Shop Premium Collection*.

This contains a whopping 30 individual wrapped pyramid tea bags in six amazing flavours. I thought this would be great for a working mother because each morning she can pick a tea to put in her handbag to take with her to work. 

Also where this is an assortment, it allows you to try flavours perhaps you wouldn't normally pick for yourself but you can give a go, and if you end up loving one or two (or six!) you can go and buy a pack of that flavour.

Now lets have a better look at the flavours you get and a description of each:

Chocolate, Rooibos & Vanilla: Caffeine free, naturally sweet and antioxidant rich rooibos deliciously blended with vanilla and chocolate notes.

  Oolong Tea: A luxurious and intriguing tea with a delicate and
soft flavour.  

White Tea Blueberry & Elderflower:  An antioxidant rich, delicateWhite Tea, created with real juicy blueberries, aromatic elderflower and notes of zesty Lemongrass.

Super Berries: A delightful blend of classical herbs and aromatic berries - tastes as delicious as its aroma.

 Lemongrass, Ginger & Citrus:  An understated classic packing a citrus punch! Notes of Lemongrass and citrus infused with a tingle of ginger will refresh any palate.

Harrington Premium Single Origin Black Tea:  A perfect golden orange cuppa of deliciously smooth single garden tea, sourced from the beautiful mountain ranges in Sri Lanka.

The one I was most excited to try and my favourite flavour out of these is Chocolate, Rooibos & Vanilla, it's sweet and delicious and I like the distinctive taste of Rooibos tea.

This set retails at £17 and is on Amazon, take a look at the English Tea Shop website for the full range:

What flavour out of the six would you like to try the most? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Sally x


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