Friday 11 December 2015

Welcome Back Adele

Hello. It's me.

Today's post is coming to you off the back of the recent launch of the new Adele album, good isn't it?! I thought it would be a great time to talk about the lady herself, a lot of the themes within her songs and just her as a person really strike a chord with me and to say I'm a fan is the biggest understatement of the century so let's get into it!

Last night I was at a comedy show, it was fantastic and I'll do a post on that separately but the comedian was talking about ex boyfriends and how it can be really hard to get over a breakup and there was a really poignant part where she spoke of how Adele's song Someone Like You was the song that changed how she felt and was the turning point for her being able to move on. The song started blaring out and every single girl in the audience sang along as we all remembered a past relationship and related to that song and it was the most beautiful thing.

Her songs are just always spot on, I can relate to Make you feel my love, trying so hard for someone that isn't giving you back as much. Set Fire to the Rain, being lied to and messed about and Rolling in the Deep, someone playing games with you. But the songs are uplifting and empowering, in interviews you can see that she is such a strong, awesome person and when I play her songs in my car and sing along really badly/loudly I feel like that too.

Another reason I love Adele is her body positivity, she could literally care less for how the industry would like her to look in terms of her body shape or weight and she rocks amazing clothes, she looks incredible. I love that with her, her talent for singing is just so immense that everything else pales in comparison and for once a female artist's press isn't constantly about how they look, who they are dating or what diet they are on. Being natural charismatic, she comes across as just a really lovely down to earth person but at the same time absolutely smashes it on the red carpet with stunning dresses that all curvy ladies should feel confident enough to wear.

Jd Williams have created a cool blog post entitled An Album of Adele's Style which I would recommend checking out if any of you ladies would like to see awesome Adele style dresses that will make you feel a million dollars and could give you a last minute piece of inspiration for the christmas parties coming up! I have my outfit all picked out and will be sharing on social media next Thursday some live action for you, so exciting!

Anyway, I hope you liked this post, I could talk about Adele all day so if you would like to see any follow up let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading and click play below to listen to Hello!

Love Sally X


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