Thursday 5 February 2015

Cut for Evans 2

Hey Guys,

Today I am bringing you the eagerly anticipated pictures of yours truly in the gorgeous Cut for Evans purple digital print bomber jacket*. For me this was absolutely the stand out piece of a strong collection designed by Eve Turley and Ellie Northway in association with Evans and I liked this collection just as much as it's earlier counterpart which I wrote about last year.

The print on the jacket is in a word AMAZING, I love digital prints in general but the combinations of purples, lilacs and white just looked so pretty and girly but ultra trendy at the same time.

I would say the jacket is true to size and not too tight on the arms (as coats can often be on me) which was a plus point, it also is just the right length and sits on the top of my hips.

It might not provide much warmth in the current blizzardy conditions, but I can promise you that you will look cool as hell wearing it! 

I hope you liked my little review, if you did please feel free to leave your thoughts below as your comments really do mean a lot. Also check out the Evans website for the jacket which is currently on sale: /link, they have some little gems on there at the moment so definitely worth a cheeky browse on your lunch break.

Until next time, thanks for reading! Love Sally X



  1. Pretty jacket!


  2. Looks gorgeous on you! I was eyeing it up in the sales but didn't get it in the end, having seen this I'm gonna go back for another look on the site and see if it's still there! X


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