Monday 11 November 2013

Guest Post: A/W trends as seen in VOGUE, seen on ME!

Hi guys! My name is Megan, I blog over at For my guest post today I am going to be trialling some A/W trends that have been featured in Vogue, and letting you know how I got on with them myself. I will show you the products I used and show you pictures of all the looks, enjoy!
Petal-Stained Lips
What Vogue says: As with spring/summer 2013, lips look set to be, on the most part, very matte for the new season. But for autumn/winter 2013-14 they appear stained rather than painted, either with colour diffusing from the inside of the lips outwards - as at Dior and Marni, or with a darker, berry-stained effect at Derek Lam, Prada and Vera Wang.

So I wasn’t completely sold when I put this look on. On a flawless skinned, ethereal beauty in a magazine it looks innocent yet sexy, on me it just looks like I have either been sipping too many red wines (not the best look on a Monday morning) or just can’t apply lipstick properly. I used the Darkest of shades right in the centre of my lip then worked outward with the lighter ones, blurring the edges of my lips with some concealer at the end. I was doing this during the day so wanted to keep it quite subtle. Anyway, the first thing I had to do was pop to the shops with my housemate; “you have lipstick on your teeth” oops, not the best start, yet I soldiered on.  No other comments came my way that day and due to the placement of the lipstick it soon faded. So overall I was not very enamoured with this look, however practice makes perfect so I will be giving it a whirl again, maybe in the evening so I can try and go a bit bolder!

The Thin Black Line

What Vogue says: Black eye liner is a staple in most make-up bags, but for this season - if you're not trying out the Sixties trend - the way to wear it is in a skinny line along the top lashes. A particular favourite at New York Fashion Week, the look added subtle and almost invisible definition at the likes of Victoria Beckham, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler and Christopher Kane.

I and eyeliner are old friends; I used to feel pretty darn naked without a slick of eyeliner on. However, my go-to liner shape of choice is usually a quite thick, slightly winged offering, so this was a little different for me. I actually really liked this look, it added definition to my eyes without looking too ‘made up’, perfect for those ‘I’m not wearing make-up, I woke up looking his good’ make up looks. This eyeliner from Maybelline is perfect for me as the round tip means it can be used flat for my usual thicker, winged eyeliner, or turned on its side for thin precise lines.

Red Nails

What Vogue says: A noticeable increase in red nail looks was apparent backstage at the shows, with garnet shades at Burberry and Meadham Kirchhoff and bold tomato tones at Chanel, Valentino and Topshop Unique.

I have 4 reds to show you today, the mini OPI  ( I do not know the shade) is on my pinky and the rest of the colours correspond to their place in the line (the varnish next to opi, is the nail next to my pinky etc) My personal favourite from the line up is the Nails inc  offering in the shade Tate, it is the perfect dark red colour with not too much of a berry tone, it is also easy to apply and looks good in one coat. For reference, the 2 middle nails have 2 coats of polish whilst the first and last have only 1.

I hope you have enjoyed my round up of A/W trends as seen in Vogue, will you be giving any of them a go yourself? I hope to see you soon over at! 
Megan x



  1. I love all these looks and it's great to see them on in 'real life'. I'm a big fan of quite thin, black eye liner so it's nice to see I'm finally on trend with something, haha

    1. thanks Gail :) I loved the guest post, was a really good read x


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