Wednesday 13 March 2013

My new fave £1 blusher!!

Hi All,

I am really excited to talk to you about a little project I have been doing for the past couple of weeks which involves me testing £1 makeup items in the hope of finding some gems and I think I have managed just that.

Let me introduce you to the Chit Chat Powder Blusher from Poundland. I got two different shades as shown below:

Desert Flower- A pastel peach with pink tones

Blossom Pink- A baby pink with slight yellow tones

As these were from Poundland I was unable to swatch or test the products first so I essentially bought these blind and from the cheap looking packaging I didn't initially have very high hopes for the quality. However, once I got home I swatched these and was suitably impressed.

Top- Desert Flower Bottom- Blossom Pink

Left- Desert Flower Right-Blossom Pink

The consistency of the products are very smooth and almost creamy with extremely high pigmentation from a single light swatch. The colours are very pretty, easily wearable and blendable to a more sheer look if needed. I will definitely be using these blushers and will be keeping an eye out for other shades to see if they match up to the standard of the ones I have tested. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know in the comments if you would like to read more £1 makeup reviews. Love Sally X


  1. They look amazing! So pigmented. I'd never have thought that from a Poundland blusher. Well spotted. x x

  2. Thanks Leah :) I was shocked too, you can't get a lot for a pound in the shops nowadays. Can't wait to post some more gems that I've discovered, all £1!! x

  3. Such a nice blog!
    Stop by at mine sometime ♥ Maybe you'd like to follow each other, let's stay in touch ♥

  4. I had the Desert Flower one and I used is everyday! But I maanged to drop it the other week :( I went to Poundland to get a new one, but they only had Blossom, but I bought it anyway. I have to say, they are both lovely. I can't choose my favourite!

    Beka x


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