Tuesday 8 March 2016

Beanies Flavour Coffee Review

Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to tell you about a great suggestion for Easter if you are a coffee lover, it's Beanies flavour coffee*. Link to there website is here: http://www.beaniesflavourco.co.uk/

I was sent two of their instant coffee range and chose Double Chocolate* and Cinnamon Hazelnut.* I was very excited to try these, they are only 2 calories per cup and the flavours sounded delicious.

When I tried them out they didn't disappoint, the cinnamon hazelnut is a concoction of spice and nut infused and you can definitely taste the cinnamon! The double chocolate tastes rich and really chocolatey and I was intrigued to find out you can even bake with it or put some in a milkshake!

All of their coffees have no sugar, no syrups and no chemicals and they are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans! They have so many different flavours you'll be sure to find the perfect coffee for any friend!

Thanks for reading! Sally x


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  1. I would really, really recommend the Hazelnut flavour (also, amaretto is amazing) if you can get your hands on them - all of them are amazing though, I feel as though I've tried nearly all of them in the last year or so!

    Sammy xo.



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