Wednesday 26 November 2014

Clarks Hamble Oak Unboxing and Review

Hey Guys!

Today I am bringing you an unboxing and review of these gorgeous Hamble Oak Brogues* from Clarks. I have been looking for a few months now for the perfect oxblood coloured shoes available in my size but a lot of shops don't run up to a women's 9, especially not wide fit. I would recommend anyone struggling for this size to consider giving Clarks a go, the prices are quite reasonable, quality is excellent and the styles are pretty trendy if I do say so myself.

So, on to the unboxing!

The shoes come in a deluxe black box  and wrapped in tissue paper.

The size, fitting and style is printed on the front with a little picture of the shoe, so if you're stacking the boxes you can see what's inside.

The shoes themselves have cardboard inserts to maintain the shape and you get a set of alternative leather laces which you can swap out with the ribbon ones depending on your preference.

The colour is the most beautiful ox blood shade in a shiny leather

with multicoloured Linton tweed accents 

and gorgeous punched detailing on the toes.

and a small heel to top them off.

I would say that the Hamble Oaks are really nice and cushioned to walk in and super comfortable, the wide fit also gives me the perfect amount of room without that pinched feel at the sides. I think the quality of the leather is excellent and the style is just so pretty, the pictures on the website really don't do them justice.

I have been wearing them with black opaque tights and skater dresses for work and have got so many compliments. 

As you can see I really liked these shoes and would definitely recommend trying them on for size in your local store or online where they have a easy returns policy. If you want to check them out online then head over here for the selection of brogues

I hope you enjoyed this unboxing/review, let me know if you want to see more of these on the blog by leaving me a comment below.

Thanks for reading! Love Sally X

*This post is in collaboration with Clarks, all opinions are as always my own*


  1. These look lovely, just wish they weren't leather, then they would be mine!

  2. Wow. Now THOSE are a pair of shoes!!


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